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Not an everyday occurrence around here, an exclusive guest mix. It comes courtesy of Liverpool based DJ James Rand who continues his Rabenmutter series for us here. Gorge yourselves on this feast of electronic goodness, there are bits of minimal, bits of house and lots of techno strung together into a seamless treat. Stream it on Soundcloud or download using the link below.

Keytars & Violins / Rabenmutter 5 by James Rand

00:00 - Few Nolder - Pillow [Planet Mu]

03:55 - Vector Lovers - Microtron (Alex Smoke's Micro Tron Gate Remix) [Soma]

07:30 - Bodycode - Immune [Spectral Sound]

12:40 - Robag Wruhme - 48° 52' N, 2° 21' O [Circus Company]

15:30 - Ark - E-Cone [Circus Company]

17:45 - Osborne - Wait a Minute (Arto Mwambé Remix) [Spectral Sound]

22:42 - Nikola Gala - The Pump [Rekids]

26:30 - TJ Kong - What This Music's Done To Me (Nuno Dos Santos Remix) [Compost]

31:00 - Mike Monday - Grace (Justin Martin Mix) [Dirtybird]

34:43 - Pascal FEOS - Makina [Level Non Zero]

39:05 - Jacek Sienkiewicz - Time Start Now (Pier Bucci Remix) [Recognition]

44:30 - The Black Dog - Skinclock (Silicone Soul Remix) [Soma]

49:50 - Remote - Sam [Litchen]

53:45 - Adam Sander - Blue Sheers (Digital Report Remix) [Aspekt]

55:55 - Tim Berner - Covert Action [Resopal Schallware]

58:40 - James Harcourt - Unpleasant Surprise (Popof Remix) [Form]

62:40 - Phil Kieran - Never Ending Mountain (Egbert Remix) [Cocoon]

68:25 - Andreas Henneberg - Waters (Pierce Remix) [Piemont]

73:00 - Circlesquare - Hey You Guys (Audiofetish Remix) [!K7]



Robag Wruhme - Colby Nekk (buy)

Robag Wruhme is something of a master. Colby Nekk is stripped back, experimental techno brilliance.

Shane Berry - On The Other Hand (buy)

Shane Berry put together Just, Whatever, Be With Me EP for a label I have a soft spot right now, the wonderful Greta Cottage Workshop. Berry's work is melodic minimal at it's very best. But the label also has deeper leanings with previously released work by Nicolas Jaar and new work from Michael J Collins amongst others imminent. Recommended.

Nicolas Jaar - Love Teacher (buy)


Aurimas said…
Oh few nolder in your set : - ) cheers !
Mush said…
Shane Berry is pejhy.
Caspar said…
Not Quantity, but quality!
That's what makes this blog great!
Keep it up!

Love the set!
Anonymous said…
Harcourt's Unpleasant Surprise sure does sound a lot like Kirkbride's Dungeon

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