26 June 2010

pic: Espen Friberg

ItaloJohnson - Untitled (buy)

ItaloJohnson combines different influences and aesthetics through a very uncomplicated musical formula. Taken from the first vinyl release that you can get here, this track is raw minimal house. Solid release.

Simon Hinter - Take Care (Aki Latvamaki Remix) (buy)

This is just beautiful. Taken from the Simon Hinter's superb EP on Philogresz's TEAM Records.

Quarion - Pepper Candy (buy)

Taken from Treats Vol. 2 out on Quarion and Session Victim's Retreat label. Summery house music for the merry. Retreat's 6th release is shaping up to be an absolute belter too, you can listen on Soundcloud. Top label.

18 June 2010

Pic: Nils Sanders

Semtek - Idiotland (buy)

Semtek - Bells (buy)

Exciting music coming out on Don't Be Afraid. Semtek is a producer coming up with some really fresh sounding minimal grooves. Idiotland is a track offered up for free on his Bandcamp, but just as impressive is his release before that, the Bells EP which has this great vocal sample and bang on remix by Mr G. Grab the vinyl here.

Goldwill - The Curtain (buy)

Absolutely solid release by Goldwill on Mojuba sub-label wandering. Atmospheric tracks with a lot of subtle energy. Another tip on Mojuba is the return of Oracy and the quite insane Bass Mood, so good!

Nuel - Untitled (buy)

Nuel does away with Donato Dozzy for the first time on an Aquaplano release. This is utterly sublime. Grab your limited vinyl here.

11 June 2010

Pic: Haw-lin

Philipp - Federation (buy)

Freerange Records just keeps putting out some of the best house music, I can count a number of tracks on the label this year as potential end of year top-picks. This one by Philipp is taken from the Colour Series: Pink. It kind of reminds me of Declination by Foog, but a lot warmer.

Jark Prongo - Spadet (buy)

Long time Dutch producers Jark Prongo with this pleasant slice of techno. Nice.

Brothers' Vibe - Bump Da House (buy)

I love the repetition of this by Brothers' Vibe. Taken from Wave Files 7, highly recommended.

Dinky - Unidog (buy)

Understated track by Dinky from 2006, sounds really quite fresh to me.


4 June 2010

Sandiego - Memories (buy)

Sandiego dishes out some retrofuturism with his superb Memories EP out on Carl Craig's Planet E label. With influences like Herbie Hancock and Model 500 the result is a stunning piece of dance music.

Rocco Branco - Diamant (buy)

Rocco Branco is an alias of one of my favourite DJ's, Dominik Eulberg. He always delivers that something special.

Ettiem - Teeth In The Rug (Cosmo Vitelli Edit) (buy)

had his debut on I'm A Cliche. His sound fits in perfectly with what the label does. Highly recommended.

Chris Carrier - Cabaret Des Belles Lettres (buy)

Gosse De Paris by Chris Carrier is some great deep house, very bassy with a lot of funky samples and riffs. Get on it.

3 June 2010

pic: Pink Tentacle

This post may occasionally sound like any given summer onset in the mid-2000s. This is a good thing.

Brommage Dub - Carbon Oxide

Brommage Dub is Jesper Dahlback and JL Huhta. They've only done a few bits together over a number of years, Carbon Oxide is from a few years back and definitely oozes that Dahlback sound.

Thomas Bjerring - Republique (buy)

A cracking debut by Thomas Bjerring on Traumschallplatten. This is the b-side, ethereal melodic techno.

Max Cooper - Chaotisch Serie (buy)

Max Cooper
has well and truly established himself as one of the best tech-house producers around of late, and from talking to friends who aren't really into that scene I definitely detect crossover appeal. Chaotisch Serie really is one for you The Sky Was Pink (Holden Remix) fans.

Orneborg - Pierre In The Summer (buy)

Melodic tech house by Orneborg.

Audio Werner - Mean (buy)

Yet more epic work by Audio Werner, truly mesmerising.

Prime Time - Jeudi Noir(buy)

More dark French techno. This is Prime Time with their hypnotic release on Sharivari Records. Really good.

Now I don't know how many of you are into obscure library compositions from the 70s and 80s. But if you are then head over to Library Music Rarities. So, so good. From full on funk and disco to experimental soundscapes.