26 June 2010

pic: Espen Friberg

ItaloJohnson - Untitled (buy)

ItaloJohnson combines different influences and aesthetics through a very uncomplicated musical formula. Taken from the first vinyl release that you can get here, this track is raw minimal house. Solid release.

Simon Hinter - Take Care (Aki Latvamaki Remix) (buy)

This is just beautiful. Taken from the Simon Hinter's superb EP on Philogresz's TEAM Records.

Quarion - Pepper Candy (buy)

Taken from Treats Vol. 2 out on Quarion and Session Victim's Retreat label. Summery house music for the merry. Retreat's 6th release is shaping up to be an absolute belter too, you can listen on Soundcloud. Top label.

  • Great selection of tracks!Really liking that Simon Hinter EP

    By Anonymous Colly, at 1:21 pm  
  • It should be noted that the track you're hosting is the 'Original Mix' by Hinter, not the Latvamaki remix, as stated in the post.

    Both are sounding great- nice blog, you're pointed me in the direction of some good things!

    By Blogger Geoff, at 6:45 pm  
  • I've been coming back, listening and listening again for a few months. Three more superb tracks, especially the Hinter EP. Great blog!

    By Blogger Martin, at 6:36 pm  

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