It was great to have been asked to contribute a mix for LIST. This is what I have put together, primed for your headphones or whatever. Also be sure to check out Ross' and the other guest contributors mixes over on LIST. as there are gems in abundance!

1 Andy Stott - Love Nothing [Modern Love]
2 Nicholas - Beneath The Surface [No More Hits]
3 Roman Rauch - Bio Rhythm [Tjumy]
4 Souleance - Chemise [First World Records]
5 Ruf Dug - Dirty (Unabombers Remix) [Popular Peoples Front Special Ops]
6 Sasse - Tumbler [Two Birds]
7 Dave Aju & The Sol Percussion Ensemble - Flexa [Circus Company]
8 Brandt Brauer Frick - Paino Shakur [Tartelet]
9 Oracy - Bass Mood [Mojuba]
10 Boo Williams - Mortal Trance [Rush Hour]
11 Herman - April Skies [Fine Art Recordings]
12 Satore - Followed By Time (Pablo Bolivar Remix) [AvantRoots]
13 Andre Lodemann - The Light [Best Works]
14 Fritz Kalkbrenner - Dead End [Suol]
15 Blakkat - In This World (Blakkat Devotional) [Mild Pitch]
16 Pupkulies & Rebekah - Hold Me Tight (Shaun Reeves & Guti Remix) [Wolf & Lamb]
17 The Martin Brothers - Steal Drums [Dirtybird]
18 Dapayk Solo - Berlin In Bedlam [Leena]
19 Two Em - What Is? [Kiddaz FM]
20 Marco Bailey & Tom Hades - Ropongii [MB Elektronics]
21 Jerome Sydenham - Bang Me Deep [These Days]
22 Tuccillo - Laptoploop (Part 2) [Isgud Records]
23 Malvoeaux - Shivers [L.I.E.S.]
24 Taron-Trekka - Mr. No (Where Is The Magic) [Freude Am Tanzen]
25 Jagged - Ten To Twelve (Aardvarck Remix) [Bonzzaj Recordings]
26 Luke Abbott - One Hundred And Thirteen [Amazing Sounds]

Irish producer Automatic Tasty has just put out a super new 12" on Lunardisko, really recommended for fans of that Clone-centric electro-house sound.

Taken from Strength Music's delightful Semesters II. There's just something about this that makes me go all funny, beautiful.

Back to Ireland and TR-One's EP out on POGO. Really lush and emotive music that goes from sounding like BoC to slow house jazziness without ever feeling out of place.


sofie said…
ha, weird, my sis showed me that same photo today. the interent is such a small place : )
going to have a listen to the mix right away!
Anonymous said…
Lovin' the mo regular posts. Keep it up. My ears thank you. E.
Not Invented Here said…
great to see you posting more often.
Voight Kampff said…
list. said…
Soundcloud is maxed out, but an alt. download link is up for LIST.016

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