James Jean

Logo - La Vie Moderne (Gohan Remix) (buy)

Following on from his chilling Riley Reinhold remix, Gohan has this time turned out a serenely powerful remix of Logo's La Vie Moderne. Out on Kitsune.

Foot Sole Foreigner - Of Bones & Dreams (buy)

Sublime work by The Seventh Earth Project. Foot Sole Foreigner is the b-side to this hypnotic house journey.

Gweilo - Ghosts (buy)

In celebration of Dissiden going digital. One of the lesser heard favourites of mine, sounds like a crappy 80s science TV soundtrack given a makeover. Grab the WAV's at JunoDownload.

John Beltran - Anticipation (buy)

John Beltran - Earth & Nightfall (buy)

Earth & Nightfall was the 1995 album by Detroit producer John Beltran, tying up Detroit techno with ambient pieces to great effect. Put out by the resurgent R&S Records.


Anonymous said…
Låt nummer två. Snabb rättelse...

Gruppen heter: Shakers and Dreamers
Låten: This land is Your Land
Dj Pedro said…
Fanstastic music, good...
evriel said…
my favorite illustrator of my favorite music blog...happiness!
Anonymous said…
"The only purpose it serves is to get me wet, make my ears cold and create animosity!"

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