8 September 2010

Pic: James Jean

Logo - La Vie Moderne (Gohan Remix) (buy)

Following on from his chilling Riley Reinhold remix, Gohan has this time turned out a serenely powerful remix of Logo's La Vie Moderne. Out on Kitsune.

Foot Sole Foreigner - Of Bones & Dreams (buy)

Sublime work by The Seventh Earth Project. Foot Sole Foreigner is the b-side to this hypnotic house journey.

Gweilo - Ghosts (buy)

In celebration of Dissiden going digital. One of the lesser heard favourites of mine, sounds like a crappy 80s science TV soundtrack given a makeover. Grab the WAV's at JunoDownload.

John Beltran - Anticipation (buy)

John Beltran - Earth & Nightfall (buy)

Earth & Nightfall was the 1995 album by Detroit producer John Beltran, tying up Detroit techno with ambient pieces to great effect. Put out by the resurgent R&S Records.

  • Låt nummer två. Snabb rättelse...

    Gruppen heter: Shakers and Dreamers
    Låten: This land is Your Land

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:16 am  
  • Fanstastic music, good...

    By Anonymous Dj Pedro, at 10:23 pm  
  • my favorite illustrator of my favorite music blog...happiness!

    By Blogger evriel, at 12:41 pm  
  • "The only purpose it serves is to get me wet, make my ears cold and create animosity!"

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:49 pm  

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