Kenton Slash Demon

Without doubt one of the songs of the summer by the talented Danish duo Kenton Slash Demon, just brilliant house music that will leave you feeling enchanted. They will soon release Part 2 of The Schwarzchild Solution on Tartelet, and it is certainly worth getting excited about.

Drumpoet Community has been one of the most consistent labels around for some time now, always delivering a fresh twist on a classic sound. This IFM track is taken from the Yes We Are EP.

Finally got a decent copy of Tom Ware's LP The Fourth Circle. A masterpiece in mid-80s synthesizer extravagance...


Anonymous said…
For years I assumed the Tom Ware album was of German origin...hardly suprising given it was released on Sky Records but I heard a rumour recently he came from Omaha, Nebraska...wherever he came from, he was totally ahead of the game..some of the tracks sound like they could have been recorded in 1995 not 1985!
I totally forgot to ask, are you the person who asked for the album to be reposted on the New Wave forum..the poster 'Frank Chickens' did repost it on Mediafire again a few days ago but the link is down already...if you are is there any chance of posting a copy of the rip?

If I am barking up the wrong tree, I apologise..!

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