Dual Shaman

Dual Shaman - Ocean Breeze (buy)

Ryan Davis - Opus (Dual Shaman Remix)

Dual Shaman are a Romanian sibling duo producing some of that uplifting tech-house that I seemingly never get tired of. Ocean Breeze has just been remastered and re-released on Darko Esser's Wolfskuil Ltd label with some tasty remixes to boot.

Below is the lovely video to go with Aniara Recordings first release earlier this year. The artist is Genius Of Time. The track is timeless genius.

Hi-nrg cold wave and post punk

Like A Tim - Sundown

Silent Types - Upset

Naked Lunch - Slipping Again


Anonymous said…
thank you for just-about the best blog there is - one of the very few that is always true to good music
Anonymous said…
The Dual Shaman Remix of Opus is brilliant. One of those tracks that cause spontaneous palpitations - monster track, monster blog. Keep it up.

eloka said…
this dual shamman are just perfect. thank for this blog, I really enjoy.

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