Outer Space

Outer Space is a project by John Elliott of Emeralds. His self-titled LP is simply stunning. Three years in the making, armed with an array of synthesizers and the methods of a couple of mid-20th century electronic music composers. Really cannot wait to see Emeralds at Unsound in a couple of weeks.

Haruomi Hosono - Platonic (buy)

RĂ¼diger Lorenz - Francis And Friends (buy)

Taken from the superb Electrounique Volumes. Tasty analog synthesizer cuts from YMO's Haruomi Hosono and RĂ¼diger Lorenz, a German pharmacist who had an obsession for synthesizers.

Onto the more modern, courtesy of Holland.

Dexter turns out a contagious piece of disco-tech-house for Rush Hour's Voyage Direct series. One of my favourites. Cling on to the sunshine with this.

Having released on Dexter's Klakson label and more frequently on Clone, Duplex recently put out this compelling Detroit-inspired track for the continually impressive Field Records. Joining the likes of Delta Funktionen who, if you like it a bit more abrasive has put out the super Setup One: Decorum on Ann Aimee. Great stuff.


Mush said…
Big yes for Dexter!
PleasureCruise said…
Emeralds - the pride of Cleveland. Enjoy the show...they are super good live.
oscii said…
Belated Happy 10/10/10 to you!

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