Blackest Ever Black

Pic: Michael Crowe

This is the best mix i've heard in quite a while. It's from the Blackest Ever Black label, and as the name suggests it's a pretty dark affair. The labels aim is to "re-establish electronic music as a poetic, provocative and emotionally inquisitive force", and they are certainly on the road to accomplishing that.


This was a pretty creepy techno track from earlier on this year by Confetti Bomb. Weird goodness.

Sex Tags Mania
number 16. Unknown Artist - XI. Absolute killer.


NCT said…
don't know how frequently I could listen to it (Blackest Ever indeed), but that mix is definitely a keeper - cheers
paraplanradio said…
awesome mix, i heard it yesterday on their blog.
say please how to do the same view of soundcloud's player?
Leighton said…
Can't get enough of this mix still.

As for the Soundcloud player, just follow the instructions on this link :)
paraplanradio said…
thanks :)

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