This is a new Shadow Cabinet track from their upcoming Western Approaches EP. A superb and and rather spooky 8 minute ever intensifying synthesiser workout. Recommended if you like Mondkopf.

Mondkopf - Eclipse (buy)

Here's a couple of top techno tracks from Seuil and Pascal FEOS. A recently re-discovered James Din A4 track, and a BoC classic on Skam. It's great to see Skam firing on all cylinders right now, Nuearz and VHS Head albums are both mental good.

Seuil - Nine Clouds (buy)

James Din A4 - Brunos Prostata

Pascal FEOS - Beat Goes On (buy)

Boards Of Canada - Nlogax (buy)

Also, i've set up a Twitter account for anyone who wants to follow.



john doe said…
?! why not a Fb page ? ive been lookin for k&v on fb for ages...

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