Pic: In The Lab

Something for the synth nerd in you.

Legowelt - Gotoburg Jacks (buy)

Taken from Classics 1998-2003 A Selection Of Tracks From The Archive Bunker. Banging.

S.C.D. - Lovely (buy)

Kinky Roland - Sahara (buy)

Dug out Radio Cosmos' Synthetic Memento compilation recently. In amongst the saccharine sodden synth-pop were these two. Roland Faber (of S'Express) and Something Completely Different of Legowelt's Strange Life Records. Synthesizer heaven.

This glorious piece of downtempo dub disco was out on Mule Electronic back in last year, really very good. Love D.Dozzy.


Jonny said…
Cheers for these Leighton. Good to chat with you new years eve, I had a great night.
Leighton said…
No problems dude. Yeah, it was a really good party, cool to catch up. Keep in touch.

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