Pic: Lost In Space

This is a brief mix I made with the emphasis very much on ambient, drone and experimental sound, something i'd been meaning to do for a while.

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Baz Reznik - Station HS (buy)

You'll hear this Baz Reznik track in the mix. Taken from a terrific Syncom Data release last year.

Onto a couple of spot on dance tracks. Sarp Yilmaz takes a subtle approach with a groove that gets to you without you realising. Andre Kraml on the other hand goes big room with Black Water out on Trapez, massive.


Mush said…
Sam said…
is there a tracklist for your mix?
Anonymous said…
Katrin V. Rettig - En Val
Cylon - V
TV Victor - 100609
A La Ping Pong - Strandgut
Deaf Center - Vintage Well
Mark Pritchard & David Brinkworth - Sentience
Baz Reznik - Station HS
Sinner DC - Wintertown (Piano Magic Version)
VA - 01 No. 8
Thomas Koner - CODA: Calle De Argumosa, Madrid
joakimR said…
great mix!
sdc said…
Thanks for share.

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