Spirit Surfers

Piticu - MKE (buy)

Killer house track from Piticu, taken from a compilation by Moscow nightclub Arma17.

Following his superb effort with Oskar Offermann on an earlier Aim release, Moomin shows the way with some spacious house grooves. Marvin Dash then takes the track down a dark, dark path with a very atmospheric edit.

JR Seaton - Yphsilon (buy)

Yphsilon was the debut release by JR Seaton. There's really something special about this track. Upbuilding deep house.


eloka said…
This mke is madness! sophisticated and rude in the same time.

And this momin is really sweet and flying as I like.

Good combo. Thanks you.
Noa said…
really feeling the JR Seaton track - almost like ECM does deep house...

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