Life On Titan

Taken from John Heckle's Life On Titan EP released on Mathematics. The talented Liverpudlian producer is making waves both with the Chicago based label to whom his analog house sounds fit right at home and also Tabernacle Records whose output has been oh so impressive since first forming a year ago. Mark du Mosch's Exegesis EP will be released on Tabernacle shortly.

2000 & One - Geometric Nature (buy)

Geometric Nature dates back to 1992 and the Never Ending Cycle 12" released on Eevo Lute Musique. Remastered and re-released digitally, the track is oozing modernity despite pushing 20 years old.

Manchester based deep house Juniper turn out some pure quality (not that you can expect anything less) on Underground Quality. The Theories EP is a delicate blend of soothing electronica and deep house grooves that are sure to please.

Taken from the Range Gate EP by Restoration Records boss Lucretio. Some really pleasant vibes on this release.


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