Black Mill Tapes

Pye Corner Audio - Electronic Rhythm Number Four (buy)

The Head Technician of Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services returned last week with the 3rd volume of the Black Mill Tapes: All Corners Open. A sublime selection of Radiophonic-esque splendor. The Head Technician also just put together a great mix for xxjfg, well worth a listen.

Stefan Robbers - Pathfinder (buy)

Killer b-side to Stefan Robbers Compound 12" release on Baby Ford's now defunct Ifach label way back in 2000 pre-laptop minimal profusion.

Margot - 4 Aggressive Young Boys (buy)

Border Community faves Margot turn out some madcap grooves for the Italian label Hell Yeah on a 250 run of 12" including some special remixes by Florian Meindl and Tempelhof, this is seriously good music across the board! 'Dancefloor assault'.


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