15 January 2012

Pic: But Does It Float

A chart of sorts, no order, just some of the very best tracks I've been listening to of late.

Kareem Moser - OS2009 (buy)

Answer Code Request - Escape Myself (buy)

Wincent Kunth - Trickle (buy)

Mark du Mosch - Reminiscing (buy)

Lakker - Spider Silk (buy)

10-20 - Bloomback (buy)

Afrikan Sciences - A Decison (buy)

Biodub - Barracuda (Glitterbug Remix) (buy)

  • Some great music here, thanks.

    By Anonymous daniel viborg, at 5:31 pm  
  • woah - the afrikan sciences track is phenominal!

    By Anonymous thunderpants300, at 10:37 pm  
  • any production whizzes know how to make the reverb pads in the biodub song? (and like 28924 other songs)

    By Anonymous bill, at 6:52 am  
  • this laker tracks is a great find ! thanks

    By Blogger redhotcar, at 10:54 am  

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