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Yasuo Sato - Gammawave (buy)

Yasuo Sato - Spacelight (buy)

A couple of tracks from the very well received Yasuo Sato EP on Aesthetic Audio from last year. Deep grooves, with track titles that kind of give you a clue as to the sound. Lovely stuff.

Psyk - Throb (buy)

Gritty four track techno EP from Spanish producer Psyk on Dustin Zahn's Enemy Records. It's the pitch that gets me in this track here, but all throughout the percussion and rugged atmosphere gives the release an appealing and authentic sound. One for fans of Skudge etc.

The Weathermen - Are You New To The Bayou

Going back to 1987 for this track by The Weathermen (part of Tuxedomoon). The a-side is a bit cheesy, but there's something kinda cool about the b-side here.

Cajun Hardt - Untitled (buy)

On sale now is the intriguing new output from Berlin and the Reference label. Restrained techno with a lot of very nice touches throughout to give a unique feel to the tracks.


dtlw said…
Yeah, "Stringent Jade Stone" is TRUE love...
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