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For the weekend.

Lee Burton - Breath (buy)

Lee Burton - You've Got Me (buy)

Greek producer Lee Burton (Lefteris Kalabakas) earlier this year released his new album Busy Days For Fools on Athenian label Klik Records. I was very much expecting a straightforward 'house' album that initially may excite but like so many others ultimately disappoints. How wrong I was, this is a wonderfully crafted concept album that is full of warmth. You certainly might detect something along the lines of a Circus Company release or even John Roberts, but you also get shades of sleazy blues reminiscent of Map Of Africa. Well worth a listen.

Simon Weiss - Bird Movement (buy)

Out late last year was this peach by Simon Weiss on Home Taping, straight up house music. So good.

Upping the pace a bit with this from Johannes Volk and the debut on Dontstop (there's only been 2 others since). I posted this a few years back, but it's still an absolute killer! Pure dancefloor heat.


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