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Unbroken Dub - Polywaxtest (buy)

Unbroken Dub - Sovushka (buy)

A couple of the more visceral cuts from the 3rd and 5th releases on the German label Rawax by talented Russian producer Unbroken Dub. Well worth checking out.

Brett Johnson - Someday (buy)

I do really like this track. Given the full blown nature of it all, the track could fail miserably, yet it succeeds. The way this review puts it is spot on, : "It’s a bold move, but not one that is unwelcome because it is executed with confidence and the kind of daring required to pull something like this off – because the chances of it being complete shit are quite high if handled incorrectly."


WillH said…
those unbroken dub cuts are so so good! liking the brett johnson too but something in my head kinda wishes the breakdowns were a bit more cheezed out or something.
also that agony forces track is ace!

this blog is always an eye-opener, thankyou!
watches lover said…
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Leighton said…
Ha yeah, the cheesiness of that track is what makes it compelling, maybe it coulda gone further and got away with it!

Thanks for the nice comment Will :)

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