midweek soundup


Probably the most expensive 12" you will see this week is Kimyon Huggins superb techno work out for Juan Atkins seminal techno label Metroplex. Dope

Argentinian producer Leonel Castillo drops some heavy and unswerving beats on 1974 released by his Groovear label.

Break SL first blew me away with his track Trombone on Philpot a few years back. He's been a busy guy since then, most recently dropping some utterly psychotic grooves on the ever imaginative, ever impressive Uncanny Valley.  

Anstam on 50 Weapons. A marriage of beauty and insanity. The First Sprout EP really demands everyone's attention....and once it's got it....it won't let go easily. 

Another killer compilation on Stones Throw, The Minimal Waves Vol.2


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
im afraid i've no cheap sunglasses for you but thanks again for putting me onto some of my favourite electronic music!
Leighton said…
hahaha...i really wish i could get rid of them spammy comments forever, but sometimes they are funny. thanks for your non-spam comment though...really glad you enjoy what i post :) have a great weekend.
sdre said…
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Anonymous said…
Alright Leight, like that Subject tune. Nice.
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peccaui said…
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