Luv Jam - Dreamcast

The second in a series of guest mixes comes courtesy of Luv Jam. A long time DJ with an abundant knowledge of fine music that always make his mixes something to savour. This time around we are treated to 2 hours of the deepest, dreamy house and electronica. Enjoy!

Glyn Ceriog - Owains Lagoon (Crow Castle Cuts)
Glyn Ceriog - Owains Cavern (Crow Castle Cuts)
Oliver Deutschmann - Celebrate the Misery (Muted Beat Version) (Aim)
Individualism - Black Cherry (Shipwrec)
Microworld - Subterraneas (Millions Of Moments)
Silicon Chip - Just A Groove (BPM Records)
Rio Padice  - Sunset On Bolsena Lake (Hudd Traxx)
Obsolete Music Technology - Distance (Emphasis)
Megadon Betamax - He Can’t Love You (Le Sale Version) (Voyeur Rhythm)
The Small People - Kind Of Green (Underground Quality)
Microworld - Featuring DJ Brutalist (Millions Of Moments)
Arnaldo - A Song Name Of One Word (Smallville)
Arnaldo - Rain (Smallville)   
Kevin Reynolds - Instruction (Love What You Feel)
Freak 7 - We Bring The Music (2020Vison Accapella) (2020Vision)
Pasta Boys - Inspiration (Manocalda)
Aya - Uptown (Eastwick & Holloway Version) (Naked Music)
Daniel Avery - Flashlights (Throne Of Blood)   
Claws For? - Profumo (DBA DUBS)
Richard Bartz - Exodisco (Kanzlermat)
Sun People - Check Your Buddha (Styrax)
Juniper - Quiet Moon (Smallville)
Niederflur - Typo (Minus)
Space DJZ  - Humanize (Nova Mute)
Arne Weinberg - Where Will We Arrive? (Matrix)

Luv Jam's productions have also been gathering momentum in recent times with a string of releases on such great labels as We Play House, Phonica and Throne Of Blood in addition to starting up the Crow Castle Cuts label, focusing on limited 12" releases with a geographical nod to the area we both grew up in, Wrexham. Watch out for some further releases including a collaboration with In Fields' Ed Cox on the ever impressive Rawax label.


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