30 January 2013

Pic: Marc Andre Robinson

Marquis Hawkes - Teetotal Acid (buy)

J Velez - Some Of Your Friends (buy)

Catalepsia - Green Wing (Area Nudge Nudge Version) (buy)

Neotnas - That Day (buy)

Crime Scene - Got 'Em Down (buy)

Justin Vandervolgen - Sheebooyah (buy)

Panabrite - Index Of Gestures (buy)

19 January 2013

Pic: Amazing Future

Matti Turunen - Elokuu (buy)

Artefakt - Strange Days (buy)

Truss - Auden (buy)

13 January 2013


Pic: Carl Jung

A selection of weird techno and true electro.

Tripeo - Untitled 2 (buy)

MCMXCI - Untitled 4 (buy)

Myles Serge - 01-3 (buy)

Bleak - Stamina (buy)

The Exaltics - Relentless (buy)

Datasette - Vacuform (buy)

Teslasonic - The Devastating Spark Of Prometheus (buy)

Alessandro Izzo - Il Fragile (buy)

6 January 2013

Pic: Martin Nicolausson

A selection of old and new. Coppice Halifax creates some stunning work aided by only a Sega Dreamcast. Baby Ford and co with a minimal delight from 1998 as Birds. New heat on L.I.E.S. by Samo DJ and a track from last years other label of choice by many, PAN. Tommy Vicari Jnr. with some forward thinking dance music as ever. A 15-minute epic by the Acid Mercenaries (guess their genre). An absolute beauty from Gys' 2003 album Art D'echo. Re-issued cold-wave by Shoc Corridor, there's some cracking remixes on that. And to finish, some lush tech house by Avatism from a few years back.

Coppice Halifax - Cedar Mast I (buy)

Birds - Jennifer Has Several Wigs For Her Pussy (buy)

Samo DJ - Tai Pau Kau (buy)

NHK'Koyxeи - 614 (buy)

Tommy Vicari Jnr. - Looom (buy)

Acid Mercenaries - A1 (buy)

Gys - Stay (buy)

Shoc Corridor - Artificial Horizon (buy)

Avatism - The Slug (buy)

2 January 2013

Pic: Lionel Bawden

2013 let's go!

Traumprinz - Say Or Do (buy)

Red Axes - Walk Alone (buy)

The Martian - Sex In Zero Gravity (buy)

Der Dritte Raum - Trommelmaschine (Toby Dreher Reconstruction) (buy)

Food Pyramid & Roy Orb D.MT. - Corealis (buy)