Edits Des Amateurs

Pic: Rare-Bit

Wonderful new tracks out of Germany and the Themes For Great Cities camp. Label boss Jan Schulte assumes his Bufiman tag for a stunning release on Verein Freier Menschen und Musik alongside Tim Schumacher with some percussive and rather quirky brilliance. Schulte then heads further into obscurity for a 10" on Edits Des Amateurs, taking a trio of funk and tribal tracks to task with heartwarming results. Enjoy these tasters of what an intriguing Dusseldorf scene currently has to offer!

aDepth Audio has just released a brilliant album by Crystal Maze entitled Enter The Maze, officially the first album i've listened to in it's entirety this year. Some really brilliant composition by Gstring and Ma Spaventi.

Mattias Fridell on Space is something to behold, airy techno with underlying intensity. Highly recommended.

Utterly addictive and uncompromising music from Mørbeck on Code Is Law.


Faux Effet said…
Always good music here. Mattias Fridell is definitely a fav
some moody techno
nice music, great blog, also agree about Fredell.

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