Not On Spotify

Actually, following a bit of effort. I couldn't find the below on Spotify. MP3's go again.

RP - Smlltwn

Unknown Artist - Energise

Unknown Artist - Raven

Unknown Artist - Go Into The Nature

DJ Chupacabra - Chandone

BufoBufo - Metal's Winning

BufoBufo - Iridescent

The Phantasy - Just Dance

4C4F1F - Warehouse

Full Circle - Shiver (Jack The Ripper Is A Tripper Mix)

Brainwaltzera - Triangulate Dither (Fairytall Version)

Brainwaltzera - Bad Endgar

SW. - InCOMPlete to 90s Hrdcr Supreme

Deetron - Ego Rave A

Ballet Mechanique - Embody

Sansibar - Game Over

Map.ache - Ealth

Dead Husband - Iguana

Konduku - ┼×ekersin

John Beltran - Euphoric Dream Ocean

Map.ache - Portes



Anonymous said…
Joy! Perfect to round out what's been a significant and challenging year <3
Julien Lavigne said…
OMG the DJ Chupacabra track!!!!! THANKS
Anonymous said…
Thank you for these! Hope to see/hear you on the other side 2021
Armchair Spasm said…
Thumbs Up.

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