20 December 2012

Some sincerity and no end of year lists. Every track posted on here over the last year has been posted without bias and for of the love for it's individual sound, so a massive thanks must go to all of the fantastic musicians for their inspired sounds, past, present and no doubt future, without them this blog would never have existed. Likewise for the imagery used and it's unique and captivating qualities, a big thanks to all artists. And to you, the reader, the biggest thanks of all. I'd have given up a long time ago without you.

Historia y Violencia continues to push out some really great grooves, one of which being this by the formidable Santiago Salazar.

Santiago Salazar - Caja De Luz (buy)

I've been raiding the Eevo Lute back catalogue for some time now, here's just a couple from 1991 and 2005 respectively

Wladimir M. - Evil (buy)

Terrace - California Cadance (buy

The mystery of lost cassette tape music gathers apace once more with the tragic love story of the late S Olbricht

S Olbricht - Revox3 (buy)

Japan in the 80s produced some of the finest electronic music.

Riuichi Sakamoto - Riot In Lagos (buy)

Now go read some stories about Roy Orbison being wrapped in clingfilm.

13 December 2012

Jason Grove - I Love You (buy)

Deepside - 111 (buy)

Chris Mitchell - Phrenetic (buy)

8 December 2012

Pic: Albam

Can't get enough of this by Ricardo Jefferson, with the debut release on his own Art Star label. Beautiful.

Ricardo Jefferson - Falling From The Earth To The Sky (buy)

I've been pining for all Lake People material since I first heard the remix of A Forest on Musik Gewinnt Freunde. The melodies are just irresistible.

Lake People - Candle (buy)

Lake Powel - More Or Less (buy)

Shifted has really been putting out techno of the highest or just lately, this taken from the Sickness By Means Of Clairvoyance 12". The new release on Mote Evolver is pretty lethal as well.

Shifted - Chapter 69 (buy)

29 November 2012

Pic: Kai Nodland

Sorry for the lack of updates the past few weeks. We all get busy. Onwards with some dubby grooves, bottomless techno and euphoric twinkles.

Edanticonf - Planet (buy)

Cub - C U 2 (UST Funk Mix) (buy)

Paul Mac - Hotel Insomnia (buy)

18 November 2012

Rising Sun - Message (Remind Edit) (buy)

Transilvanian Galaxi - You Have Always Been The Caretaker (buy)

John Osborn - Epoch 4 (Version) (buy)

John Swing - Clint's Theme (buy)

TC Studio - Trick (buy)

EDMX - I'm Rushing My Tits Off (buy)

Talismann - Troll (buy)

11 November 2012

Pic: Phlegm

Clarian - Shine (Light the Sun) (buy)

Mike Dehnert - Andruck (buy)

Fishermen - Ribbonfish (buy)

CN - Wepwawet (buy)

Quick Culture - Quick Culture 2 (buy)

5 November 2012





The last Full Panda release by Yuka and Stanislav Tolkachev is some serious quality, with the prolific Tolkachev yet again managing to hypnotise like no other.

Stanislav Tolkachev - Self Renewal (buy)

Magnificent tracks from the two Special Request EP's out earlier in the year. The raw power of the Warehouse Mix will send shivers down your spine. The intricacies of KM/MM will leave you astounded.

Special Request - Deflowered (Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup Remix) (buy)

Special Request - Lolita (Warehouse Mix) (buy)

3 November 2012

Ten to kick off November. Club orientated.

David Morley - Descent (buy)

Aubrey - Evacuation (buy)

Crystal Maze - Dissolve (Dungeon Dub) (buy)

Jonas Kopp - Green Fingers (buy)

Neurotron - Untitled (buy)

Alex Israel - Front Butt (buy)

VC-118A - Deploy (buy)

Eduardo de la Calle - Untitled (buy)

Madato - She Dancer (buy)

Monolake - Plumbicon (Rebreather Mix) (buy)

26 October 2012

Pic: Leslie David

Just real good dance music

Huerco S. - Elma (Ruff Rub) (buy)

J.T.C. - Beats In Space (buy

Stallion - Stallion #7 (buy)

Tiago - Motorjam (buy)

Idiot Idols - Officine Meccaniche (buy)

Get down with some brilliant old German and Japanese pop

Andreas Dorau - Warten (buy)

Chiemi Manabe - Untotooku (buy)

24 October 2012

Pic: Huldra

Wilderness listening. Ambient/Drone/Experimental

Kangding Ray - Antar (buy)

Aquarius Omega - Ritorneranno Dal Cielo (buy)

Jan Jelinek - Fragments One (buy)

21 October 2012

Pic: Karin Bauer

Back in business playlist. Some euphoria on Mirau. Wistful downtempo by Cale Parks and gloomy ambience from 1991. The distingusihed voice of Jacques C. 2006 Elektronische Muskik on Traum. And crazed electro to finish. Wuzza.

Alexander Polzin - Früchtchen (buy)

Cale Parks - N1 (buy)

1991 -  Open To The Dark (buy)

Clarence Park - Island (feat Jacques C) (buy)

Gabriel Kogler - Romantisch Im Westend (buy)

Da GobliNN - This Is Not For Those (buy)

5 October 2012

Pic: James Zambra

Incredible electronic workouts from the late sixties to early eighties. The stories of miles and miles of tape reel are testament to the amount of effort that went into these early electronic experiments

Cecil Leuter - Pop Electronique No9

Cecil Leuter - Raving Waves 

Tod Dockstader - Snap Prance

If library music ain't your thing here's an ultra modern electro cut from Echo 106 on Lux Rec, a label with real form for this kind of stuff, check!

Echo 106 - Nightfall Call (buy)

1 October 2012


A single from The Von Duesz album Garant. Highly recommended listening, very solid full length. 

The Von Duesz - Diesel (buy)

Four tantalising minutes on the b-side to Playmodul's Null Vier release on ZCKR

Playmodul - B1 (buy)

A track from an early Prignitzkombinat release back in 2008 by the talented Kenny Lane.

Kenny Lane - Talking With Drums (buy)

A prelude to another mysterious Black Boxx on Ferrispark

Unknown Artist - A1 (buy)

Unknown Artist - B1 (buy)

28 September 2012

Pic: Jennifer Santschy

So in love with the jams of North Lake.

North Lake - Sanctum (buy)

North Lake - Jus Qu (buy)

North Lake - Is It Dangerous To Go Alone? (buy)

It's just a rush...

Jamie 326 - Bostich Time (buy)

Hungarian cassette release of cold wave material.

Cipolla Varieté - Az ember, aki mindig félt (buy)

Új Látásmód Fúzió & Csermanek Lakótelep - Betonráma (buy)

23 September 2012

Pic: Frieke Janssens

A cold and dark selection for the patient. Atmosphere, subtle groove and haunting moments.

Tase - Come Back (buy)

Bronze Age - Coupling Symbols (buy)

Hironori Takahashi - Outgass (Nax Acid Edit) (buy)

IVF - Celine (buy)

Erosion - 1 (buy)

Pom Pom - 04 (buy)

Pom Pom - 13 (buy)

12 September 2012

Pic: The Modern Library

Into some harder, more repetitive rhythms with this selection.

RNDM - Recover (buy)

Henning Baer - Multicore (buy)

Go Hiyama - Farnsworth House (buy)

Peter van Hoesen - Attribute 39 (buy)

7 September 2012

Pic: Shawn Allen

A few bits you might not have heard, but definitely warrant a listen and further investigation. Great to hear some new stuff on Krakatau by Thomalla. Drvg Cvltvre has just dropped an amazing EP on Viewlexx, check his Soundcloud for tons of free downloads. French label Knotweed is a label quietly going about stunning deep techno from guys like Myles Serge and Myk Derill. Millions Of Moments as ever will bring you something refreshing. And, well, Wishmountain...the work of a crazed Matthew Herbert.

Thomalla - Alftavatn (buy)

Drvg Cvltvre - Them For Tys (buy)

Drvg Cvltvre - Northern Survival Tactics (buy)

Myk Derill - Poetry (buy)

Masafumi Endo - Summer (buy)

Wishmountain - Lucozade (buy)

2 September 2012

Time for another mix, this time served up by long time blog buddy Just Press Play. There's plenty of chugging tunes and delicious slow disco jams to be had here, in a wonderful hour and a bit. Get on it.

Just Press Play Mix For Keytars & Violins 

1 Intro- Dimitri
2 Pye Corner Audio- Electronic Rhythm Number One
3 Cronk Family Enterprises- Put It On
4 Hardway Brothers- Mania Theme (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
5 LCD Soundsystem- 45:33 (Prins Thomas Remix)
6 Dr Dunks- Dunks Got The Answer (Dr Dunks Edit)
7 PillowTalk- The Real Thing
8 Tornado Wallace- Insect Overlords
9 Joakim- Labyrinth
10 Trujillo- Acapulco Gold (Ron Basejam Remix)
11 Rory Phillips- Mover
12 Eros- Eros 3
13 Liars- The Exact Colour of Doubt
14 Outro- Dimitri Angry


Some highly recommended tracks to take us into the September.

TR One - Living In, Now (buy)

Magic Mountain High - A1 (buy)

Magic Mountain High - B1 (buy)

Tuff City Kids - SFS (buy)

Akra - Dust To Dirt (buy)

Heatsick - The Stars Down To Earth (buy)

27 August 2012

Pic: Klari Reis

Old Apparatus - Zimmer (buy)

Stunning EP on Old Apparatus' newly borne Sullen Tone label. Unconscious melody.

Monoloc - Shame (buy)

Lovely groove on CLR by Monoloc, bag the 12" shortly.

24 August 2012

Pic: Famicon Express

Heavy tunes!

Percussions - Bird Song (buy)

Magnus - Future Number 6 (buy)

16 August 2012

Pic: Aaron Angell

Stanislav Tolkachev - Building Peaks (buy

Relentless chords on the superb Modularz Eight compilation.

Soul 223 - Almost Like It Used To Be (buy)

Super feel good house music

Markus Enochson - Bohoo (buy)

A real builder, two minutes on is special.

14 August 2012

The second in a series of guest mixes comes courtesy of Luv Jam. A long time DJ with an abundant knowledge of fine music that always make his mixes something to savour. This time around we are treated to 2 hours of the deepest, dreamy house and electronica. Enjoy!

Luv*Jam’s Dreamcast for Keytars & Violins (download)
100% Live Vinyl Mix

Glyn Ceriog - Owains Lagoon (Crow Castle Cuts)
Glyn Ceriog - Owains Cavern (Crow Castle Cuts)
Oliver Deutschmann - Celebrate the Misery (Muted Beat Version) (Aim)
Individualism - Black Cherry (Shipwrec)
Microworld - Subterraneas (Millions Of Moments)
Silicon Chip - Just A Groove (BPM Records)
Rio Padice  - Sunset On Bolsena Lake (Hudd Traxx)
Obsolete Music Technology - Distance (Emphasis)
Megadon Betamax - He Can’t Love You (Le Sale Version) (Voyeur Rhythm)
The Small People - Kind Of Green (Underground Quality)
Microworld - Featuring DJ Brutalist (Millions Of Moments)
Arnaldo - A Song Name Of One Word (Smallville)
Arnaldo - Rain (Smallville)   
Kevin Reynolds - Instruction (Love What You Feel)
Freak 7 - We Bring The Music (2020Vison Accapella) (2020Vision)
Pasta Boys - Inspiration (Manocalda)
Aya - Uptown (Eastwick & Holloway Version) (Naked Music)
Daniel Avery - Flashlights (Throne Of Blood)   
Claws For? - Profumo (DBA DUBS)
Richard Bartz - Exodisco (Kanzlermat)
Sun People - Check Your Buddha (Styrax)
Juniper - Quiet Moon (Smallville)
Niederflur - Typo (Minus)
Space DJZ  - Humanize (Nova Mute)
Arne Weinberg - Where Will We Arrive? (Matrix)

Luv Jam's productions have also been gathering momentum in recent times with a string of releases on such great labels as We Play House, Phonica and Throne Of Blood in addition to starting up the Crow Castle Cuts label, focusing on limited 12" releases with a geographical nod to the area we both grew up in, Wrexham. Watch out for some further releases including a collaboration with In Fields' Ed Cox on the ever impressive Rawax label.


On Rotation

Heinrich Dressel - Sighing Melodies Thru The Graves (buy)

Prince Of Denmark - 187666

Saratoga Space Messengers - Surf (buy)

Nicuri - RGNA (buy)

1 August 2012

Pic: Qubik

Forward Strategy Group - Ident (buy)

From Forward Strategy Group's wonderful album on Perc Trax.

Powell - Body Music (buy)

Really interesting production on this track by Powell, it feels distinctly like an outsider purposefully trying to sound like an outsider, no matter what the credentials the Body Music EP is a bomb.

27 July 2012

Pic: Roland MacDonald

Some highly recommended weekend listening. Epic expermental electronica, unremitting analogia and the classiest of dub techno. Enjoy

Touch People - Reality Is Where Your Friends Are 1 (buy)

John Tejada & Justin Maxwell - Our Gigantic Mistake (buy)

René Audiard - Landscape (buy)

24 July 2012

Pic: Made In School

Soundtracking the lighter and darker moments of an unpredictable UK summer has been the debut release on Peur Bleue by Gohan. As a blog-cum-label with an unquenchable thirst for music like ourselves it was always going to be interesting to see the fruits of Gohan's labour. The result is an utterly engaging and rather murky trip, taking in organic techno to experimental soundscapes. It's really quite something. You can grab Peur from here. You won't be disappointed.

Gohan - I Found Myself Again In A Dark Wood (buy)

Gohan - AAOOO (buy)

Exercise One and Mathew Jonson? Yes please!.

Exercise One & Mathew Jonson - Lost Forever In A Happy Crowd (buy)

Wrong speed remixes sometimes sound better.

Skail Master M - Strawberry (Beroshima Remix)

16 July 2012

It's really great to present to you a guest mix put together by M50. The Chicago based DJ never disappoints with his impeccable track selection and stellar guests filling the airwaves on a weekly radio show. He has also been putting out records under the Area alias on labels like Ethereal Sound, as well as setting up the Kimochi Sound label - a few tracks of which you'll get to hear on his mix including an upcoming release by Lubin. Tuck in, and enjoy an hour or so of really fine electronic music.

M50 Mix for Keytars & Violins (download)

Jahiliyya Fields - White Cabbage
Lubin - Monotuber
$tinkworx - MKB
Baby Ford & The Ifach Collective - Sugarspoon
Dreamlogicc - Blanx (Accidental Freedom By Area)
Joey Anderson - Join Her
Isolée – The Fantastic Researches Of Yushin Maru
A Guy Called Gerald - Nasty
A Guy Called Gerald - Transition
Bass Clef - Electricty Comes From Other Planets
Shifted Phases - Implosive Regions
Machinedrum - Come1
Dreamlogicc - Equalizer
MadTeo - Miss Tery Flavor
Sensorama - Harz (Born Under A Rhyming Planet Rmx)
Consequence - Dub Bounce
Bjork - Dark Matter (Alva Noto Remodel)
Pub - Film (Springing Daisy's Mix)


The new Modyfier Process Series is seriously good. Never Knows armed with a Roland TR-808 and a table covered in guitar pedals and a one week timescale. These were the results.

Never Knows - Process Part 315 (01 sentiment for sediment)

Never Knows - Process Part 315 (02 fading polaroid)

Never Knows - Process Part 315 (03 this corrosion)

8 July 2012

Pic: Michelle Grabner

A Sagittariun - Wind Tunnel (buy)

Shackleton - (For The) Love Of Weeping (buy)

RVDS - Under The Acid Moon (buy)

An excellent video to a wonderful song.
Glenn Astro - Coloured Sands

1 July 2012

Pic: Jogging
Mark du Mosch - Broke Day (buy)

GB Interprets A Race of Angels - The Main Attraction (buy)

Vedomir - Orthodox Ambient (buy)

22 June 2012

Pic: En plein air

YSE - Innocence (buy)

JS - JS-04R2 (buy)

Area Forty_One - C.N.T.C.T. (buy)

Ranieri - Epic (buy)

17 June 2012

Pic: Mathew Borrett

Lord Of The Isles just dropped a killer release on Unthank, but Hot Blob surfaced last year on the Little Strong label. Infectious and inventive upbeat house.

Lord Of The Isles - Hot Blob (buy)

Lord Of The Isles - This Way (buy)

Now this is some proper electro-pop courtesy of Zarkoff on the Unhoerbar label. Gotta love it!

Zarkoff - Bad Mood 16Bit (buy)

14 June 2012

Pic: Mars-1

Such a joy to hear Wesley Matsell putting out some new music, this time he's put out some incredible tracks for Studio Barnhus, a match made in heaven. For what it's worth, even better than Bernwerk on Border Community.

Wesley Matsell - The Unmaker (buy)

Electro from 2005, boom.

John Dahlbäck - Now It's Not Summer (buy)

New Wave from 1979, boom.

Systematics - Pulp Baby

7 June 2012

Intensity, Soul, Euphoria

BDI presents Compassion Crew - Paper Tears (buy)

BDI - City & Industry (buy)

Red Rack'em - Alone Always (buy)

Andi Muller - Comedown (360 Mix) (buy)

Alec Empire - Government Killswitch (buy)

30 May 2012

A heads up that on Saturday 9th June i'll be down in London at The Horse & Groom playing some tracks at the behest of Gohan and his atemporal Peur Bleue blog/clubnight. Alongside us will be Alex McKeown and Kolour. Expect some great music and plenty of drinking.

Onto a mini playlist. The inimitable, intense sounds of Blawan and Pariah as Karenn. Not much comes even close.

Karenn - Chaste Down (buy)

The appearance of James Welsh's deep melodies on Hypercolour's Losing Suki sublabel.

James Welsh - Only (buy)

Mule Musiq poach another restrained German deep house producer in Oskar Offermann, the melody from about 3 mins is great.

Oskar Offermann - You Can You To Me Say (buy)

Bosconi label is always on point. This track by The Clover is understated deep house at its finest.

The Clover - Yourself (buy)

Stumbled across this tech-house delight just recently. Cinematic.

Carlo - White Crow (buy)

Servi! Beautiful synth workout on a track that features on PermVac's essential Mandarinenträume compilation, showcasing obscure German electronic music prior to reunification.

Servi - Laistrygonen (buy

17 May 2012

Pic: Antlers WiFi

Williams - I Feel The Shivering (buy)

Plantains - I Feel Love (buy)

First up, some really sad news about the passing of Donna Summer. She inspired us all. Here are two rather special covers/remixes of her signature track I Feel Love. She was loved, she will be loved forever.

Kevin Reynolds - Liasons (buy)

Moving forward we have the amazing Liasons by Kevin Reynolds, this is such an infectious track from him. There's plenty more in store from this Detroit master with releases due on Love What You Feel and L.I.E.S.   Hot stuff

Arab League - Le Coq (buy)

Arab League - Hollywood Goblin (buy)

Stockholm's Universal Rejection put out this blazing debut from Arab League a back in 2011 and have now followed it up with a complete bomb by Disappearer. This is a label to keep an eye on for sure!

16 May 2012


Kimyon - Make The Bed (buy)

Probably the most expensive 12" you will see this week is Kimyon Huggins superb techno work out for Juan Atkins seminal techno label Metroplex. Dope

Leonel Castillo - 1974 (buy)

Argentinian producer Leonel Castillo drops some heavy and unswerving beats on 1974 released by his Groovear label.

Break SL - Desert Flight (buy)

Break SL first blew me away with his track Trombone on Philpot a few years back. He's been a busy guy since then, most recently dropping some utterly psychotic grooves on the ever imaginative, ever impressive Uncanny Valley.  

Anstam - Intuit (buy)

Anstam on 50 Weapons. A marriage of beauty and insanity. The First Sprout EP really demands everyone's attention....and once it's got it....it won't let go easily. 

Subject - What Happened To You (buy)

Another killer compilation on Stones Throw, The Minimal Waves Vol.2

13 May 2012

Pic: Hannes Iversen

Will Azada - Let's Get Tight (buy)

Will Azada and his Proper Trax label have both been doing their thing to lethal effect for a little while now. This belter is taken from Proper Trax Split Personalities II 12". Azada and Proper Trax latest release is out now in strictly limited numbers, you can grab it here. How good does that b-side sound!!

Felix Lenferink - First Bouree (buy)

Fourth Wave serves up another solid release this time from newcomer Felix Lenferink. Chirpy jams.

CTRLS - Encrypted Sex (buy)

You can always rely on Belgium's Token records for some uncompromising and utterly engaging techno. Lethal!

4 May 2012

Pic: lazingblazer

Ukkonen - Primed (buy)

The mysterious Ukkonen turns out a fantastic 12" on Uncharted Audio. Real icy techno explorations.

RDF - True! (buy)

I spotted a video for this wonderful RDF track a while back, and now the release is out there. Four tracks of pure quality, limited to 300 copies on the O*RS label.

The Monitors - Control (buy)

Daniel Paul & Mathias Weichert - Mathestunde (buy)

Some serious blog love to dish out now. NeoDetroit has turned me on to a lot of really great music since starting up last year, go check it. Above are just two killer tracks I first heard there, both essential listening.

Pyrolator - Danger Cruising Part II

I know I only posted a Pyrolator track the other week, but i'm in love. Further digging led me to this beauty of a bonus track that features on the Ata Tak: Collection Box 1... so much good stuff on there.

28 April 2012

Essential listening. IDM nostalgia. Good deep house. Unexpected tempo changes. 

Duererstuben - Es Funkelt Gar Auf Frostgem Feld (buy)

Future Beat Alliance - Inside Out (buy)

CBC - Promised Land (buy)

Yør - ABCM (buy)

Yør - Rave (buy)

20 April 2012

Pic: Eric Timothy Carlson 

A mini-playlist of recently reissued tracks from the 1970s and 80s. All very wonderful.

Francis Bebey - New Track (buy)

Pyrolator - Gold & Silber (buy)

Cybotron - Gods Of Norse (buy)

Axxess - Pages (buy)

Pierre Raph - Schoolgirl Hitchhikers


13 April 2012

Pic: Kon Trubkovich

For the weekend.

Lee Burton - Breath (buy)

Lee Burton - You've Got Me (buy)

Greek producer Lee Burton (Lefteris Kalabakas) earlier this year released his new album Busy Days For Fools on Athenian label Klik Records. I was very much expecting a straightforward 'house' album that initially may excite but like so many others ultimately disappoints. How wrong I was, this is a wonderfully crafted concept album that is full of warmth. You certainly might detect something along the lines of a Circus Company release or even John Roberts, but you also get shades of sleazy blues reminiscent of Map Of Africa. Well worth a listen.

Simon Weiss - Bird Movement (buy)

Out late last year was this peach by Simon Weiss on Home Taping, straight up house music. So good.

Johannes Volk - Heat Haze (buy)

Upping the pace a bit with this from Johannes Volk and the debut on Dontstop (there's only been 2 others since). I posted this a few years back, but it's still an absolute killer! Pure dancefloor heat.

11 April 2012

Pic: Yoshi Sodeoka

Unbroken Dub - Polywaxtest (buy)

Unbroken Dub - Sovushka (buy)

A couple of the more visceral cuts from the 3rd and 5th releases on the German label Rawax by talented Russian producer Unbroken Dub. Well worth checking out.

Brett Johnson - Someday (buy)

I do really like this track. Given the full blown nature of it all, the track could fail miserably, yet it succeeds. The way this review puts it is spot on, : "It’s a bold move, but not one that is unwelcome because it is executed with confidence and the kind of daring required to pull something like this off – because the chances of it being complete shit are quite high if handled incorrectly."

9 April 2012

Pic: Print Club London

Back online! Now where were we... techno, electro, darkness and light.

Photodementia - Fotografische (buy)

FRAK - Varja Dag (buy)

Agony Forces - Vertebra (buy)

Harald Bjork - Gryr (Fairmont Remix) (buy)

Duplex - Electric Trees (buy)

Dieptepunt - Feeling Deep (808 Mix) (buy)

Abdulla Rashim - Asayita 2 (buy)