30 March 2007

OK, it's the end of the month, so here's an End Of March Beginning Of BST Genreless Playlist for you.


Manhunter - Body Double - Tech-House-Dorma

Alden Tyrell - Hills Of Honolulu - Netherlands-Italo

Amplified Orchestra - At De Rosa - Chicago-Italo

James Din A4 - Graumelierte Pötstellen - Glitchy-brasscore

Indian Jewelry - Emptyhanded - No Wave

TEPR - Rhinopharyngite - Electro-hop

Riton - Hammer Of Thor (Roman Fluegel Remix) - Not just another electro-house remix

Revl9n - Walking Machine (Hot Chip Remix) - Just another Hot Chip remix

The Bloody Beetroots - Pour Un Rasage De Très Près Et Un Confort Absolu!! - Malfunctioning electro of Johnny 5 proportions.


27 March 2007

Pic: Little People

French law student crafts wonderful electronic-pop.

Last. fm wiki states that "Numéro#
is the simple but efficient reunion of pierr crube and Jérôme Rocipon. The duo quickly developed an orignal identity full of surprises. Jérôme Rocipon is French but has been living in Montreal since 2003. He experimented few musical projects while studying law and communication. He experimented electro music under the name of Junior Tricolore, but never used it. pierre crube, Canadian, has been living in Montreal since 2001. He started by meeting members of Natacha's Recording who let him get his first live experience, but everything really began in 2003 when he recorded his first album "Immediate False Relief under the name of Angelika Kohlermann. This first album gets noticed by its deviant electronic pop. In June 2005, Jérôme approched Pierre after having discovered him in a duo with Hypo, and proposed him to produce his compositions. Step by step, Pierre remixed his creations in a catchy euro-pop. This association became more and more natural, and Numéro# was born."

L'ideologie des Stars is the the most recent
Numéro# release, and it is everything that a well crafted pop album should be..... easy listening, danceable, chillaxable, and above all else, memorable. It's been a constant on my pod recently, summers a coming, and it's kind of like what Lo-Fi-FNK's tunes were doing to me this time last year. So I guess this is for fans of the ridiculously young looking Lo-Fi-FNK.


Numéro# - Hit-Pop

Numéro# - Star Model

25 March 2007

As if The Knife's Silent Shout wasn't hauntingly cold enough to start with. Castanets (Raymond Raposa) has put a spine-chilling avantfolk twist on one of the perkier numbers on Silent Shout, Like A Pen. His strained vocals enveloped by swathing background synthnoises combine perfectly to create a superb rendition of a superb original. Castanets has a forthcoming album due to be released on Asthmatic Kitty.


Castanets - Like A Pen

23 March 2007

Time tested and proven producer of all things fine Adam(ski) Sky comes up with all the necessaries again, this time remixing Riot In Belgium's banger La Musique. Released on the ever so good Relish.

Riot In Belgium - La Musique (Adam Sky Remix)

Adam Sky - Ape-X

Of Montreal line up UK tour. YAY.

21 March 2007

I was looking for a new t-shirt over at I Love Your T-Shirt, then as I was scrolling through their links I couldn't resist clicking on Colette, the Paris fashion/music/art/culture boutique/gallery that releases compilations curated by themselves and other rad musicians, most recently Joakim. Anyway, I was on their lovely site looking at what was on offer, and what caught me most was the music being streamed to me via the site.... The Shoppings... their sound is like a French version of N.E.R.D. meets LCD Soundsystem, and frankly it's the buiz! The Shoppings is composed of David Layaysse (alias I&Fused) and Pascal Monfort. Pascal writes and sings on soundtracks that David composes and produces. The Shoppings is not only punk, not only rap, not really rock, not completely electro. Their debut self-titled album is available here.

The following song reminds me of that bit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? When Bob Hoskins sings a little dance in order to make the Weasels die of hysterics.

The Shoppings - Le Lycaon

Speaking of familiarities, I was listening to this song by Black Strobe and immediately thought Testarossa Overdrive.

Black Strobe - Italian Fireflies


Warp records comes good again.

And finally... this is Dolby Anol, Glasgow's dirty electro & ghettotech magistrates. Can't wait to see them at Dot To Dot.

Dolby Anol - Groove n Move


18 March 2007

I don't quite know how I came across the following song. It just appeared on my iTunes. I presume it was off of some blog but i dunno, but what I do know is that it's a fantastic little indie-pop gem. The Incredible Moses Leroy were the Softlightes of 2002... literally.

The Incredible Moses Leroy - 1983

One man boy bands are so the way forward. Juvelen could be Stockholm's answer to Prince, or Donny Osmond, or Jon Secada, or David Essex. Call me allsorts, but I only really like pop music when it's not popular, with the exception of Girls Aloud, so stuff from kids like Juvelen is great with me, I call it "pop not pop"

Thanks to the best pop not pop exponent out there, Blisspop for posting this Mike Downey remix of Juvelen's Hanna. If you're lucky enough to be going to Hultsfred this year, Juvelen will be playing....amongst other ridiculously hottt acts!

Juvelen - Hanna (Mike Downey Remix)

And speaking of hot acts, those left-coast skronksters Deerhoof have announced they are playing out a UK tour in June..... yessssss!

They play the following shows:

London KOKO - May 2
Cardiff The Point - June 23
Liverpool Barfly - 24
Glasgow ABC2 - 25
Sunderland Independent - 26
Leeds Irish Centre - 27
Nottingham Polish Centre - 28

17 March 2007

Boat Race Boat Race

Simian Mobile Disco - Boat Race

Released in 2004 as a twelve inch on I'm A Cliche, SMD knew where it was at then, they know where it's at now.

Have nice weekends.

15 March 2007

The Source featuring Candi Staton - 'You Got The Love', classic in it's own right. Bring it forward, churn it up, give it an indie-aesthetic and everyone (me) is happy. Friendly Fires are a promising bunch from middle-England who are likely to keep tiring ears awake in this over-saturated indie world. Check their MySpace for more info and excellent songs.

Friendly Fires - Your Love

And now for the most interesting and inventive abstract electronica you ever might hear. Asa-Chang & Junray.

Asa-Chang & Junray - Toremoro


Asa-Chang & Junray - Hana

12 March 2007

I remember early 2005 like it was yesterday, I remember hearing Vitalic's OK Cowboy for the first time and grinning from ear to ear at the pure thumping it was giving me, nothing did beat them beats that year. Deja vu experience, early 2007 and it's another grinning from ear to ear scenario from another act on the guaranteed goodness of Citizen Records. Teenage Bad Girl is French duo Guillaume Manbell & Greg Kazubski hailing from Paris, and like many fellow city-mates, the sound produced is heavy bass, mass distortion, catchy catchy tunes - in summation, think Ed Banger meets Vitalic and you'll be there or there abouts, ecky pecky this is brilliant, Cocotte could well be up there in the same ilk as OK Cowboy! Get the album off the Citizen Webstore.

Teenage Bad Girl - Tales From The Pigs

Then on the other side of the pond there's those Trouble & Bass heroes doing it their way. Drop The Lime deserves a beef medallion for his shonky heavy bass, he just keeps going strength to strength. I was pretty much brought up on Europes 'Final Countdown' but this, this is so much better than anything my dad was addicted to back in the 80's.

Drop The Lime - The Final Crackdown! (Slam Dunk And Phatcamp VIP Mix)

Dot To Dot 2007 line-up is taking shape and it looks nothing short of splenderous. TAKE A LOOK HERE, buy your ticket, see you there.

Drop The Lime music video:

10 March 2007

It's good to be home amongst the fat, ugly and poorly styled, it makes me feel better about myself. Gothenburg was a real nice city, full of attractive boys and girls, a surprising amount of McDonald's, Burger King's and Pizza Hut's. Too, there was noticeable presence of young children and babies being pushed in prams, a fertile place indeed so it seems. It was just a shame the weather was most inclement pretty much all of the time, and that the place i'd been most looking forward to checking out, Röda Sten was not fully open. But it was a worthwhile visit nonetheless, and somewhere i'd recommend visiting if you like chillaxed cities with an industrial marine heritage, nice clothes shops, record stores, drinkeries etc. When my camera film is developed i'll post up a picture or two perhaps like.

Gothenburg has got some really good music too, from the fantasticly frantic big-beat sounds of Hemstad ---------> to the infectious stylistical FischerSpooner meets Gwen Stefani meets The Knife electro-pop-electro of Zeigeist ---------> to the charmingly disarming Yann Tiersen-esque sounds of Detektivbyran. The place has a bright future....

Hemstad - Patrik Sjoberg

Zeigeist - Dawn/Night

Detektivbyran - Hemvagen

Video: Hemstad - Kaserntorgets Charkdisco

2 March 2007

So yesterday was all about Cock & Swan. Today it's all about Cock & Noodles, an amazing techno-throb song from London lad Riton, synths of epic proportions leave you mazed and amazed as you shuffle your feet this way and that, and your head nodding in agreement with the goodness of the sound procured here by Riton.

Hammer Of Thor EP is out now and it's good yeah, like real good.

Riton - Cock & Noodles

BRB, off to Sweden.