31 May 2009

pic: Smith Chart

Sample of iPod playlist: Journey Through France.

Adam Marshall - North At Night (buy)

Cabin Fever - Don't You Know (buy)

Gregor Tresher & Billy Nasty - Glass A (buy)

6th Borough Project - Do It To The Max (buy)

Manuel Tur - Stay (buy)

The Delicate Genius - Popping Pills Like A Maniac (buy)

Galaxy Sound Company - Shake It Up (buy)

22 May 2009

John Talabot - Naomi (buy)

Immense. John Talabot, a talented young producer from Barcelona with a bright future that has begun in the best way possible, an EP on Permanent Vacation.

40 Thieves - "Yo Spaceship Megamix" - Life Is Special

An epic edit of NYC Peech Boys 'Life Is (Something) Special' by 40 Thieves. Was a limited edition vinyl release on Rong Music last year.

Massimiliano Pagliara - Sometimes At Night (buy)

Italian born Berlin resident Massimiliano Pagliara delivers a slice of tenebrous disco akin to something you'd hear on Italians Do It Better. Toxic Love 12" is out on Live At Robert Johnson.

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19 May 2009

pic: Cullen Stephenson

Amir - Epopoe (buy)

This a sublime piece of techno, intricate layers, loops and samples strung together gradually over 11 minutes.

Sinner DC - Glass Alley (buy)

After being enamored with brooding Swiss electronic trio Sinner DC since hearing their Mount Age LP it's a joy to hear them back with a new full length on AI.

It's A Fine Line - Woman (A Makhnovshchina Repossession)

It's A Fine Line is yet another alias of Ivan Smagghe and Tim Paris and in this guise they take on an old fave of mine, G.B. & The Tracks 'My Kind Of Women'. This future-disco / proto-techno masterpiece is a raw mix of primitive electronic beats, crazed vintage delays/reverbs, huge anthemic piano chords and yearning, oh-so-infectious male vocals. Released on History Clock who have a new one just out by Tarnished Thighs (better known as Phoreski).

14 May 2009

pic: Klim

Heavier stuff than of late.

Heckmann - Slotmachine (Jesper Dahlb├Ąck Remix) (buy)

This is the stuff we are dancing to. Loving the recent output on Thomas Heckmann's A.F.U. Ltd label from Butch to Popof to Electric Rescue it's all Awesomes.

Electric Rescue - Lazy Dog (buy)

Also loved this quite chance discovery of a track by Norman on the Spule digi-label.

Norman - Pokerbrett (buy)

13 May 2009

pic: Jack Gregory

Floating Points - Love Me Like This (Nonsense Dub) (

One of the favourite tracks i've posted this year has been the track called Hubble released on the mysterious Thriller label, if you liked that then you will love this from Floating Points, a classically trained musician with a fervent love for the deepest strains of jazz, soul and funk. On the track Love Me Like This you will go into a deep 8 minute trip into some beautiful territory. Track of the year so far for some people.

Jesse Somfay - Scotia (buy)

140 minutes of pure ambient techno bliss like this contained on
Jesse Somfay's 2CD A Catch In The Voice out on Archipel, a release gaining very high acclaim. Absolutely love it.

Smith & Mudd - Wem

Isn't this lovely, a trio of tracks to grace your ears as if with softest silk. Smith & Mudd's sold out Wem 7" is
full of balearic, downtempo slo-mo grooves that'll teleport you to the beach (or the Shropshire market town that the track shares it's name with).

5 May 2009

Pic: Anna Pantchev

Brassica - The Centre (buy)

The new 12" from Brassica on Dissident is just huge. An epic build up of swirls, chants and shouts before it thunders into action without let up after the 2 minute mark, offering a relentless chest crushing beat over video game bleeps and cosmic twinkles. This is just amazing. A complete departure to the more experimental Brassica full-length Microvictories.

Alton Miller - Inner8 (DXR Remix) (buy)

How to follow that? Well we'll stick with the deep bass, this is one of my favourite remixes of recent months that for some reason I never got around to posting although it did feature in a mix I did. DXR's remix of Alton Miller. Smoooth.

The Gallery - Big John Is My Name (buy)

Everyone probably knows a Big John. I work with one, sound bloke. This edit from The Gallery is of Undisputed Truth's 1974 funk jam of the same name portrays Big John as the bellowing soul singer who drives women crazy with his vocals.

1 May 2009

pic: Mr Bingo

Vareid - Skumle Planer (buy)

This track really does remind me of summer. I heard it a bit last year without actually pinning down what exact track it was, so imagine my joy when I randomly stumbled upon Marius Vareid's Skumle Planer released on Full Pupp. Excellent stuff.

Louderbach - So This Is Control

LinkLouderbach - Notes

Lounderbach is the duo of techno producer Troy Pierce and Gibby Miller. Autumn is their second outing on the M_nus label. Their love of early industrial and post-punk such as Bauhaus, Coil and Joy Division is a motivating factor in the sound they aim to produce with Minus declaring: "distant intimacy is a naturally occurring theme throughout the album, manifesting itself as dark, twilight tales of melancholy romance, burning obsession and the slow, disintegration of desire." Get a copy of Autumn here.

Lemon Popsicle - West Of Eden (Lemos Remix)