27 January 2011

Pic: Kokoro & Moi

Upperground Orchestra - Orion 419 (buy)

Upperground Orchestra - Eremit Version (by Ra.H) (buy)

Solaris Eremit was released at the beginning of 2008 on Morphine Records, really solid jazz infused deep house with a lot of experimental touches. Ra.H (who is in Upperground Orchestra and records as Morphosis too) tweaks the title track for slightly more punch. Stumbled across it when I was going through the Morphosis releases on Morphine and M>O>S. Looking forward to a full-length coming up!

Morphosis - Mot (buy)

Morphosis - Cetrik (buy)

Just a few days left to enter the £2011 competition at Oki-Ni, just remember to split your winnings with me ;)

23 January 2011

Incredible work by Rolando taken from the latest Ostgut Ton release. Superb video by the29nov, a duo making some really interesting videos to a lot of underground techno and house tracks. Perfect.

Red Rack'em - Nightshift (buy)

Ultimate late night vibes on this one by Red Rack'em.

Quantec - Upward Spiral (buy)

Taken from Eintakt's Liquid Garden compilation. Gorgeous bubbly dubby house from Quantec.

Alfabet - Roundabout (buy)

This is the first of 13 two track singles from Tom Trago and Awanto3 performing as Alfabet. With both artists abililty to craft infectious house music the future of this partnership is very exciting indeed!

21 January 2011

Pic: Andreas Banderas

Tom Dicicco - Material Things (buy)

Taken from Baud's second release an atmospheric techno masterclass from Manchester's Tom Dicicco. Baud will it's fourth 12" on Monday with Tokyo techno favourite Ryo Murakami bringing a Japanese touch to this super German label.

Laufmasche - Turn (buy)

An unapologetic techno banger complete with multiple breakdowns. Laufmasche has been turning out some really great peaktime tracks and more subtle remixes lately on Snork Enterprises and it's Relax 2000 sublabel. Will be keeping an ear out.

Robag Wruhme Als Rolf Oksen - Dopamin (buy)

Robag Wruhme is the man. His new Wuppdeckmischmampflow mix compilation for Kompakt is so good! The track above is one of his from the Bart Eins Ep. Killer!

17 January 2011

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Onto a couple of tracks with an acid flavour.

Lux Rec is a Swiss label pushing out some serious good music. This by Jared Wilson was the first release on the label back last year. Followed up by CCO's insane Secret Life Of A Transistor Bassline and soon to come is Jori Hulkkonen's new release as dRUMMAN. A firm grip on the future with ears fixed on the past.

A killer piece of modern acid house taken from 030303's first release back in 2009. The label recently put out EOD's Utrecht EP, highly recommended not least for the brilliant artwork.

12 January 2011

Pic: Christian Oldham

Top mix this by KRL. Put together for an upcoming Fill Yer Boots night in London later this month (details here).

1 - Zzzzra - Aurore Pneumatique
2 - Zzzzra - Pnmeamua (Filtre Lent)
3 - KRL - (WIP)
4 - Space Dimension Controller - BBD Alignment
5 - Move D - Computer Flop
6 - Jayson Brothers - All My Life
7 - Bicep - Drippin
8 - KRL - (WIP)
9 - Simian Mobile Disco - Cruel Intentions (Maurice Faulton Remix)
10 - Aera - Daidalus
11 - Space Dimension Controller - Journey To The Core Of The Unknown Sphere
12 - San Soda - Doorsnee
13 - Keri Chandler - Back To The Ruff
14 - Murphy Jax ft. Mike Dunn - It's The Music
15 - KRL - Machine Code
16 - Heavy & Earth - Space Time
17 - Rick Poppa Howard - I Won't Lay Back
18 - Move D - Theo
19 - Kyle Hall - After The Fall
20 - Even Tuell - Untitled
21 - Ethyl & Flori - Lenox Ave
22 - Klic & Greymatter - Thinkin About You
23 - Raphael Anton Irisarri - Fractal

So good! Wolf Music really is right on it. Much love. This Greymatter track is utterly sublime, taken from Wolf Music's Paw To The Floor EP.

Greymatter - Only To Fall (buy)

Ark goes really deep with his super 6 track Arkuarium ep on Thema. Half price at Phonica ;)

Ark - Arkuarium (buy)

It was six years in the shadows for Akufen's Horror Inc. moniker before being resurrected for Aurore. Guinness.

Horror Inc. - Aurore (buy)

9 January 2011

Pic: Harsh Patel

Here is a new mix i've made, full of wallowing techno and house, you know the deal. Enjoy.

Hironori Takahashi – Outgass (Nax Acid Edit)
Sandwell District – Speed + Sound (Endless)
IVF – Celine
Reggy Van Oers – Matar
Och – Out Of Key In
Aaron Hedges – Ghostbahnhof
Thomas Frohlich – Get Us
Anthony Collins – Another Night (Nina Kraviz Remix)
Nikola Gala & I Kie – Gingko
Shakarchi & Straneus – Iraq
dRUMMAN – White Tie, Black Hole
Marlow – Outro
Credit 00 – Wave Memory

Mediafire Link


The Jon McMillion LP remixes might get the attention for San Proper and Vakula's take on McMillion's elegant work, but Lioncub's 12 minute journey of absolute discord into an eventual R&B breakdown is really quite something!

Jon McMillion - Love of Parking (Lioncub's Wandering Interpretation) (buy)

Jon McMillion - Love of Parking (Juju and Jordash's EWF Version) (buy)

Taken from the Esperanza Equinox Collection, some bassline brilliance by Dario Zenker.

Dario Zenker - Down Then, There

6 January 2011

Pic: In The Lab

Something for the synth nerd in you.

Legowelt - Gotoburg Jacks (buy)

Taken from Classics 1998-2003 A Selection Of Tracks From The Archive Bunker. Banging.

S.C.D. - Lovely (buy)

Kinky Roland - Sahara (buy)

Dug out Radio Cosmos' Synthetic Memento compilation recently. In amongst the saccharine sodden synth-pop were these two. Roland Faber (of S'Express) and Something Completely Different of Legowelt's Strange Life Records. Synthesizer heaven.

Donato Dozzy & Claudio Fabrianesi - Disco Infecta (buy)

This glorious piece of downtempo dub disco was out on Mule Electronic back in last year, really very good. Love D.Dozzy.

5 January 2011

Pic: 12345000

Gn - Let (buy)

The fourth release on Italian label Pup. A quite delicious bootleg of Romanthony's Let Me Show You Love. Superlimited release.

Flourish - Qkcoeaellryntllgntsyaex.brd (buy)

A label to always look to for inspiration and interesting sounds is Archipel. In 2010 they celebrated 5 years of superb quality releases with a compilation from which this Flourish track is taken, experimental techno at it's very best. Congratulations Archipel.

Glimpse - Train In Austria (Mike Shannon Remix) (buy)

Taken from Hypercolour's Lost Files a very dark Mike Shannon remix, stunning stuff. Also well worth checking out on the same release Minilogue's 15 minute take on one of my fave songs of last year El_Txef_A's She Kissed Me First. Still got it.