30 July 2007

Coming at you like a 32-bit version of Adam Sky infected with rabies is Monster X and this futureproof piece of industrial-cum-electro gabba. Grab the 12" HERE.

Monster X - Nukleus (alt link)

I'm finding myself listening to more and more German music of late, which is no bad thing of course. Siriusmo is one such artist I've been listening to, he makes some fine noises, German techno meets funk meets France meets good response! Available HERE.

Siriusmo - l i z i (alt link)

Siriusmo - Discosau (alt link)

Then spotted at various locations was the absolutely insane b-side to Duke Dumont's Regality EP, words cannot describe how much fun it is, except that it really is quite an apt song title.

Duke Dumont - Final Level

27 July 2007

Crystal Castles need no introduction anymore. I'm going to see them next week. That's all.

Crystal Castles - Untitled Unfinished (alt link)

Random is a Swede who lays down some proper good 8-bit. He has an EP called Bad Joke out on the wicked 8-bit Peoples. You can download all of the 8-bit People's artists tracks for free at their site. Amazing.

Random - Searching For Atlantis (alt link)

Now for some bleeps breaks and bass. With this absolutely great Original Hamster remix of Drop The Lime's 'Glassy Eyes' taken off DTL's Refixed 12"

Drop The Lime - Glassy Eyes (Original Hamster Refix) (alt link)

Then upon checking my last.fm stats, my most listened to Drop The Lime song was this one.

Drop The Lime - Dreams (alt link)

However I quite fancy 'Mandeer Hunted' to take over at some point, can't stop listening.

26 July 2007

No regulated German techno beats today guys, just guitars and noise, together, in the best fashion possible.

Girls girls girls, everywhere I look I see girls specialising in skronky noisecore and off-kilter indie pop.

Not really, just these three. Japan-cum-London girl Akiko Matsuura plays for both Comanechi and Pre. After reading Vice's review of the Comanechi and Pre 7" split I decided I would quite like to see her, from a distance, or maybe close up depending on my frame of mind. An intriguing frontwoman who really gives it her all as she shouts above her accomplices oh so clever guitars as together they create a doom-metal Deerhoof in a bad mood type noise, actually no, it's not even worth pigeon-holing, it's just a pigging riot. Fans include fellow cantankerous frontwomen Beth Ditto and Karen O (who is rumoured to be producing a Pre album). Forerunners of everything good in music, Merok records are releasing 500 copies of the Comanechi and Pre 7" and it's available HERE. Also keep an eye out for some new Crystal Castles, The Teenagers and Whiskey vs Faith coming out of Merok ;-) The Pre track off the 7" is called Popping Showers and you can hear it here.

Pre - Popping Showers
(alt link)

Another female familiar to noise is Marnie Stern. Raw, primitive, loud, strangely compelling. There's not much I can add to the throng of positives that everyone is saying about her. Have a listen, it's well worth it.

Marnie Stern - Letters From Rimbaud (alt link)

Finally, disgustingly twee in comparison is the wonderful Theoretical Girl who are actually 4 girls kind of like the UK's answer to Au Revoir Simone (though with a bit more to their music but shhh) simplistic melodies that are oh so lovely. This song is off of Digital Penetration which at £5.50 inc postage for 20 fantastic tracks puts it up there in the top 7 bargains of the year!

Theoretical Girl - It's All Too Much
(alt link)

bye for now

24 July 2007

Tomlab's Alphabet Series has struck musical gold again, number 'R' in the series features genre benders Tussle, who are soon to be releasing their 3rd full-length. The release features a track off the upcoming album, and a remix by YACHT man Jona Bechtolt who really can do no wrong! I can't wait to see Tussle at Pukkelpop.

Tussle - Second Guessing (YACHT Remix) (alt link)

New Anticon release 'Still Alive' by DJ Mayonnaise is pretty darned good, and has put me in a lovely mood (with a little help from the sunny weather) downtempo hip-hop beats and well applied samples combine create some excellent atmospheric electronica.

DJ Mayonnaise - Easily Distracted
(alt link)

23 July 2007

I get really lazy with my music in the car, Nathan Fake had been in the player for what seemed like an eternity. So the other day I had a good root in my glove compartment and stumbled across a forgotten treasure 'Corporate Crimewave' by Hystereo. Described to me at the time as being 'like Vitalic' I immediately jumped on it. Nearly 2 years on I come back to it, and this time around it has impressed me much more than first time. It's a blast, from moments of faux-French Lu Cont-esque-ness , to moments of crisp German techno wizardry. This will probably be in my car CD player for a wee while. Vitalic meets Justice meets Daft Punk.

Hystereo - Corporate Crimewave
(alt link)

Hystereo - Winters In The City
(alt link)

Staying in Germany, for a bit of IDM Tigerbeat6 style. Phon.o creates some badass eurocrunk/techno beats, and is currently collaborating with the other half of Funkstorung, Chris de Luca, together rustling up an unconventional combination of intergalactic hip hop, ghetto beats, sexy booty IDM and dirty techno.

Phon.o - Aufschwung Ost
(alt link)

Two delicious tracks.

Funkstorung's Michael Fakesch = Electronic pop beauty with enough clicks to keep the die hard Funkstorunger happy. Expect a full length album form Fakesch very soon, out on K7

Michael Fakesch - Complicated

Gothenburg's pop electro artisans Zeigeist have a new 7" available HERE. and it goes something like this.

Zeigeist - Black Milk

Note for a UK promoter, get Zeigeist over here PLZ THX.

18 July 2007

Simple but effective remixes are often the best remixes.

Simian Mobile Disco - I Believe (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) (alt link)

I know it's been posted elsewhere, but it is really good, go Prins Thomas!

Bogdan Irkük - The Distant Message (Arken Remix) (alt link)

Bogdan Irkük's The Distant Message EP is fantastic. GET IT, to satiate all of your bombastic disco house needs, and more.

However if that's all a bit too dreamy for you, you might just want to thrash out to this. I posted some Les Petits Pilous a while ago, unabashed French electro flightiness released HERE on the impeccable Boys Noize Records.

Les Petits Pilous - Nice Bird (alt link)

15 July 2007

Right now i'm full of cold, fit to do nothing except mope around the house and listen to some exquisite electronica. Here are two of my favourites:


Without compare.

Asa-Chang & Junray - Hana (alt link)

FortDax - Sakura
(alt link)

Asa-Chang & Junray

12 July 2007

Credit goes to Discodust for bringing CFCF to my attention. He makes such easy going electronic arrangements that range from Italo sounding bliss to a more Errors meets Crystal Castles approach. Pretty much what every happy person needs in their life.

CFCF - Color Dreams (alt link)

Spank Rock - Put That On Me (CFCF Remix) (alt link)

Insane 63min 19sec YouTube of a Load Records compilation including Paper Rad, Lightning Bolt, some weird and wonderful videos within this video.

10 July 2007

Sorry about lack of update past few days, busy etc.

Since i'd first heard Breakbot's remix of DatA's excellent Aerius Light I instantly became keen to hear more. Moshi Moshi the label with immaculate taste in all things good (in my eyes) have stepped in to rescue needy ears by releasing a 7" by Breakbot with songs Happy Rabbit and Summer Party. GET IT HERE. Breakbot also does plenty of remixes, which brings me to London electro breakbleeper Arrow !!! whom Breakbot has recently remixed, here are a couple of tracks from him.

ARROW !!! - D.O.E.S. (alt link)

ARROW !!! - Superfilth (alt link)

A couple of months on from first hearing KAP BAMBINO and I still can't get enough of them, I thought the sound they made would have have lost it's flavour like when a single piece of chewing gum had to last you a whole day at school, but no, ripe and raucous as ever! Get the album HERE.

(alt link)

5 July 2007

More grunt than an American muscle car. Just what I need before going for a game of squash. Teenage Bad Girl certainly do pack a punch, previously I have made the obvious Vitalic meets Jackson And His Computer Band comparisons..... but i'm sorry guys, you deserve better than that. Cocotte is an incomparable piece of modern French electro. You can have your Crosses. You can have your Attacks, Decays and Sustains.... right now this is what I want.

Teenage Bad Girl - Break Out The Wheel
(alt link)

Italian's Do It Better's After Dark compilation went down a storm with Pitchfork, and although I don't always agree with their ratings, this time it was spot on, a collection of songs by Glass Candy, Chromatics, Indeep, Mirage, Farah and Professer Genius that really does prove to be quite a refreshing listen, far removed from the current 'in' trends found within electronic music, it's dreamy, it's slow, some call it Italo. Get your copy HERE.

Glass Candy - The Chameleon (alt link)

2 July 2007

This just blew me away when I first heard it, with it's euphoric minimal electronic beauty, at 8 minutes 30 seconds, it's just too short! But luckily the rest of the album is good enough to make me see past that.

Gui Boratto - Beautiful Life (alt link)

On the Dada Life site they've put up a load of remixes done by the ever increasing do it yourself type kids. Here's a good example.

Dada Life - The Great Fashionista Swindle (Telekolleg 2.1 Remix)

I can't do without a regular dose of guttural noise-pop, thank goodness for the likes of Wizardzz, the side project of Lightning Bolts Brian Gibson. Medieval mayhemmmm.

Wizardzz - Sailship (alt link)