31 March 2009

Pic: Chris Dent

Tim Exile - Don't Think We're One (alt link)

Tim Exile - Family Galaxy (alt link)

Taken from Tim Exile's superb Listening Tree LP, an album which really sends me back. It reminds me a bit of Cursor Miner and other avante garde electro acts of that time, certainly a good thing!

The Emperor Machine - Rimramramrim (alt link)

One of four superb Emperor Machine tracks that feature on Death Before Distemper Vol. 3 out on DC Recordings mixed by The Idjut Boys, essential stuff throughout.

Architeq - Birds Of Prey (Fulgeance Emotronical Mix) (alt link)

Almost a year after the original EP release on Tirk,'s Birds Of Prey gets the remix treatment from a host of the good guys. Really recommended, available here. Then sticking with Tirk, they have just dropped a huge 20 track compilation that really is the pinnacle of nu-disco goodness. Grab it here. This next track from that compilation is an absolute stormer.

Sugardaddy - Stripped To The Bone (alt link)

25 March 2009

pic: Andy Gilmore

KiNK & Neville Watson - Full Flight (alt link)

This is just so good. Vintage Chicago house sounds from KiNK and Neville Watson, veterans of the underground house scene. Full Flight has the old school sound going on, yet it easily keeps up with today’s productions standards. Lovely stuff.

Rhythm Based Lovers - Boogie Vision (alt link)

Rhythm Based Lovers here serving up some delicious analog synth-funk. Taken from this 7".

Jarle Brathen - Takras (Prins Thomas Edit) (alt link)

Jarle Brathen makes up one half of Ytre Rymden Dansskola but with his solo effort Takras he really goes for a more deep approach, the result is a chugging synth epic taken to task by Prins Thomas for his Greatest Tits Compilation.

Found footage always makes for a lovely experience when set to music, an experience made all the better when the music it is set to just so happens to be a joy to hear as well. This is certainly the case with the new CFCF track 'You Hear Colours', having seen his productions come on in leaps and bounds from what were already momentous sounds to me, his latest release on the avant-garde label Acephale Records sees CFCF delivery a truly satisfying slice of evocative contemporary electronic music.

CFCF - You Hear Colours (alt link)

The superb video was produced by Tommyboy, who also posts disco tunes over at the Arawa blog.

23 March 2009

pic: Moneygami via 30gms

March Mix

Model 500 - Starlight
Schwanbeck - I Don't Understand
Federleicht - On The Streets (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Core Mix)
LFO - VCF (Burglar Tom Edit)
Jonas Kopp - Androgeno
Fog - Jaguar
Kid Dub & Dextress - Perverted Ways (Style Of Eye's Gimp Mix)
Delphic - Counterpoint (Paul Woolford Remix Dub)
Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda - Eukalypse now!
Compuphonic & Kolombo - Emotion
Trabant - The One (Williams Remix)
Extrawelt - YeahButNoButYeah
Play Paul & Nicos Marcos - Breathe
Nathan Fake - Fentiger
Lithops - Conturn
T++ - Audio1995#8
Norman Nodge - Native Rhythm Electric
Martin Eyerer - Cave Canem (Daniele Papini Remix)
Samuli Kemppi - Vangel
Carlos Peron - Et


A mix of dark techno, pulsating tech house and odd noises. Staying with that vibe, watch out for the M.I.D.I. track, giving a nod to the Large Hadron Collider I think it probably packs more of a punch.

Prosumer And Murat Tepeli - Serenity (Soundstream's Dusty Machine Mix) (alt link)

Play Paul & Nicos Marcos - Breathe (alt link)

M.I.D.I. - Particle Of God (alt link)

Style Of Eye - Whizkid (Larry Fives Whiz Bang Pop Mix) (alt link)

20 March 2009

pic No Hidden Message

The Glimmers - Galactic Prism (alt link)

The Glimmers - Not Donna (alt link)

Glossy - Payama (alt link)

Surrender to the grooves of the Glossy edits. The Glimmers tracks are peaktime beats, produced by Prins Thomas and Ray Mang. To finish, a Boomkat deviant disco selection.

Shake - SMD (Scarelly Style) (alt link)

18 March 2009

pic: Idiots

Russian space synth from the Cold War years.

Zodiac - Zodiac (alt link)

Telespazio aka Fabrizio Mammarella on Mock & Toof's super Tiny Sticks

Telespazio - Telemetric (alt link)

Two of my favourite recent remixes

Bomb The Bass - Black River (Maps Remix) (alt link)

Higamos Hogamos - Major Blitzkrieg (Depth Charge Buzzer Remix) (alt link)

Cosmic Dancer bonus.

Sabu - We're Gonna Rock (alt link)

David Keaton - Space Patrol (alt link)

12 March 2009

pic: Mike Borsche

Kolombo - Sniff (alt link)

Without doubt Kolombo's best track to date, out on Turbo and available here along with the equally intense Pique Nique. Turbo are also set to release a two CD compilation in the next couple of months, filled with a selection of their best dancefloor hits from the last 10 years.

Mr James Barth - Workin' The Truth (alt link)

Next up, the third release for Philippo Ransullo and Community Service Records. Three varying tracks, from upbeat funk to a heavy synth chugger, then an edit of INXS' Just Keep Walking, great stuff. Vinyl here.

Philippo Ransullo - Gotse (alt link)

Out on Skylax as part of DJ Kaos' Way Out Pleasure is this catchy number from Liquid Liquid's Sal Principato & Dinamo Azari, sure to please fans of DFA releases and the like.

Sal Principato & Dinamo Azari - Immaculate Contraption (alt link)

10 March 2009

pic: Videogramo

Rone - Bora Vocal (alt link)

Taken from the absolutely gorgeous debut on Agoria's Infine label by Rone. As an accomplished soundtrack artist Rone here with Spanish Breakfast may well have achieved what very few seem to, producing a luscious and endearing full-length techno album that delivers throughout. It's melodic tones will no doubt sit right with fans of the Border Community staple.

Synclair - Synclair (Expander Remix) (alt link)

Baby Oliver - Feelings 2 (alt link)

It always upsets me to know that i'm overlooking a criminal amount of music, and that due to the impossibility of the task there forever will be great tunes going unheard by me. I do try though, these two are from 2007 that have only recently come to my attention.

Alexandra Parade - Ruchill Rumpus (alt link)

Up to the moment, and it's Bronski Beat's Smalltown Boy given the cutting edge treatment by Alexandra Parade (aka J.D. Twitch). Taken from the boutique presses of Autodiscotheque. Available on vinyl with a delicious Chicago style take on Brass Construction on the reverse. Brilliant stuffs.

5 March 2009

pic: Bldg Blog

Photonz - No Fear (alt link)

Portuguese men of future dance, Photonz have a new one out on the ever impressive Dissident delivering some evocative house tones. Also recently out on Dissident is the blinding vocoder full, slow synth chugger 'Pretty Face' by Spacelex, it's essential. And 'The Hots' by The Niallist, described as killer sleaze, slow and dirty morning music that sounds equally at home on the modern cosmic dancefloor.

The Niallist - The Hots (alt link)

Sticking with the Portuguese, dirty disco prodigy Rui Maia serves up the goods with the Cantonese Man EP out on Untracked. The rework by Danny Berman aka Hot Coins is pure dynamite.

Rui Maia - Cantonese Man (Hot Coins Re-Fix) (alt link)

To finish, a sample of Pocketknife & Cousin Cole's Canyon Dancing, hailing from Brooklyn they attracted a lot of attention with their Tambourine Dream album, editing Panda Bear and Joanna Newsom amongst others. The track here is Patti Smith's Ghost Dance.

Pocketknife & Cousin Cole - Ghost Dance (Pocketknife's Arms Out Remix) (alt link)

3 March 2009

pic: Lee Jang Sub

I'm gonna get a bit carried away here and bundle the goodness into one post as like a favourites for the month kinda thing.

From the full on, in your face approach of Danzca on the Speicher series to the mysterious, dark and wonderful Variance track there's some great sounds here. Spektre is also consistently hammering out quality, i've been loving the Christian Fischer and Luomo remixes of late. Then we've got the playful, upbeat chimes of Giuseppe on the newly formed Astor Bell netlabel which is offering high-quality downloads on their swish site. And i'm really loving the second half of that Charles Gudagafva remix. : )

Andreas Henneberg - Federschwarz (alt link)

Audion - Mouth To Mouth (Mantap Mix By Heartthrob) (alt link)

Coro Novoa - Unattainable Love (Charles Gudagafva Remix) (alt link)

Danzca - Dark Neptune (alt link)

Giuseppe - White Waves (alt link)

Luomo - Tessio (Spektre Remix) (alt link)

Rhythm Code - Shade
(alt link)

Sis - Sum (alt link)

Unknown Artist - Variance (Function Edit) (alt link)

Sorry for lack of update, i'll make it up today. First up, here's a couple of mid '80s new wave/synth-pop gems. Nebraskan Tom Ware had an LP in 1985 entitled The Fourth Circle from which the brilliant Chinatown is taken. I've seen it described as Rother meets Kraftwerk and is a favourite of Beppe Loda. Then there is Iron Curtain, a five-piece new wave act who had a few 7" and 12" in the mid '80s and a recent re-lease of tracks on Pylon US.

Tom Ware - Chinatown (alt link)

Iron Curtain - Anorexia (alt link)

I'll be back later on with a round up of all things techno.