27 September 2009

pic: Jorn Kaspuhl

Neonbelle - I Just Might (Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (buy)

Sumptuous work from Dutch producer Nuno Dos Santos. Really dreamy.

Meanderthals - 1-800-288-SLAM (buy)

Desire Lines was released earlier this year on Smalltown Supersound, perhaps a little more slept on than I was expecting given that it's a collaboration between the Idjut Boys and Rune Lindbaek.

Haito - Gopfrich - Non Plus Ultra (buy)

Haito Gopfrich
's debut album Fiat Lux is just out on Boxer. Superb tech-house.

Sinc - Sur Sur (buy)

Greek tech-house. It's all fairly straight forward until that acid breakdown every now and then,
teasing stuff.

Peter Horrevorts - The Rabbit Hole (Johannes Heil Remix)

This actually blew up speakers when Heil played this out, no joke. Mental bass.

I've watched a few films lately too. Here's a couple I totally recommend.

Time Crimes
: Superb Spanish thriller that works on causality and stuff, certainly gets you thinking without being perplexed like say Primer does, although that too is excellent if you dig that sort of thing.

Un Prophete: I'm not usually big on crime drama's but this epic is just utterly captivating from start to finish.

20 September 2009

pi: Hollis Brown Thornton

Magnus International - Onkel Reisende Mac (buy)

Heavy duty nu-disco from Magnus International. Taken from the Kosmetisk 12" out on Full Pupp.

Be - The Needs

Mysterious edits on the Stilove4music label. The original track by Roy Ayers here becomes a delicious deep house chugger.

Coma - Choices (Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt's Riotvan Mix) (buy)

This is a beautiful remix from Permanent Vacation signed duo Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt, unsurprisingly it won the remix competition put together for Coma's Choices single earlier this summer. Coma have since put out the incredible Crystal EP through Kompakt. Really recommended, you can grab a listen here.

Found footage gold to finish. Ghanaian pop singer Ata Kak with some seriously catchy rhymes.

MP3: Ata Kak - Daa Nyinaa

14 September 2009

pic: Siri Hol

Here's a little assortment of space disco jams and the like that i've been digging for a while and saving them up for a big post like this. I hope you enjoy.

Mandrillo And Muppets Band - Pick Pack

From 1979, this was the work of Celso Valli, better known for his work as Azoto. Fun time disco.

Naif Orchestra - Check Out Five

From 1984, killer synth-disco track about supermarkets needing to be open on Sundays, or something.

J.Joyce & Co - Daddy And Mama

Produced in 1978 by half brothers Jean-Pierre Massiera and Bernard Torelli this track has it all, fake string arrangements, abundant energy, double entendre filled vocals and most of all it is insanely catchy.

Mike Theodore Orchestra - Cosmic Wind

Upping the funk with this from 1978, taken from the Tom Moulton mixed Cosmic Wind LP. Space disco funk supreme.

Disco Dream and the Androids - Love Dance

Disco Dream and the Androids - Dream Machine

A more minimal take on space disco from this 1980 LP by Disco Dream and the Androids which you can get on a re-release here.

Les Edits Du Golem - Pete Wolf (buy)

Les Edits Du Golem - Spacerock

And a couple of super obscure cuts taken from the fantastic Les Edits Du Golem series.

11 September 2009

Loud E - Tomorrow's World (Today's Cut Mix) (buy)

Loud E takes on the 1980s theme tune to Tomorrow's World, slows it down, drags it out, turns into a darned good track. The other side of this Loud E release is a megamix of I Feel Love, so good too!

Foog - Declination (buy)

A trip over to Japan for this, out on Mule last year this is a top notch piece of work by Foog. Cosmic tinged Italo/Krautrock influenced techno. Progressive and repetitive yet always interesting!

Lone - Fly Fire Rainbow (buy)

Taken from the Cluster Dreams EP, Lone follows up the super Sunset Teens with some exquisite electronica reminiscent of Flying Lotus or output on Ramp, highly recommended, also features a remix from the much loved Bibio.

Battant - The Butcher (buy)

The Butcher is a single taken from Battant's No Head LP. Female fronted post punk, new wave and experimental electronic trio on Kill The DJ Records.

6 September 2009

pic: Lilcooch

Really happy to say this. I've just done a mix for the wonderful London based music magazine Dummy. Head over there to listen to it.

Keytars & Violins Mix For Dummy

Now some really good techno.

Unknown Artist - Seldom Felt 5 (buy)

More anonymous beats from the Seldom Felt series, offering number 5 is without doubt the most danceable. Ripping vocals out of the classic disco tune 'You Make Me Feel' it chops everything up and delivers some multi layered techno brilliance. For fans of Soundstream etc.

Blind Minded - To The Bus (buy)

Super inventive techno from Blind Minded, sampling the London transport system. A favourite of Ivan Smagghe this. Get it here.

M.in & Ynk - Capetown River Boating (buy)

Originally out on Weplayminimal at the beginning of the year, the absurdly good Capetown River Boating. Tiefschwarz have been hammering it all summer and will shortly be releasing it on their own Souvenir Music label along with some remixes by Kreon and Sante. Sante also has a remix up on his myspace of the following track by &Me. Released on the super hot Keinemusik label, F.I.R. is about as good as it gets, I am totally in love with this track, the vocals work so well, it's flawless. Thank you Grindin'.

&Me - F.I.R. (buy)

1 September 2009

pic: Recyclism

Coyote - Pacific Breeze (buy)

It's been a while coming, but it's certainly been worth the wait. Harlyn Bay is the debut LP from downtempo disco duo Coyote. It's precisely what this summer hasn't been... Warm, psychedelic and splendid. Go hunt down that sunset and chill-out to this. Coyote also run the Is It Balaeric? label and have just put out something well worth checking out by The Deadstock 33's aka Justin Robertson, who also has another amazing sounding release due out in a couple of weeks on legendary Manchester label Paper Recordings.

Smith & Mudd - The Delivery Man (buy)

Smith & Mudd's second LP like Coyote's offers blissfully deep and downtempo grooves. As you drift off towards the end of this album you realise Smith & Mudd have pulled off something very special here.

Pat Les Stache - Much More Love

With Cabana Disco Volume 3 on the horizon I thought i'd share this slice of funk from Pat Les Stache, who also runs American Athlete. There's a load more of his superb edits to be had over there.

Man Friday - Love Honey, Love Heartache

This is a track from 1986 by Man Friday, a sleazy dub disco affair from a trio that included the late Larry Levan.

Brian E - Now Know Why You Cry

Hi-NRG stuff from Brian E, reminds me a lot of Black Devils "H"-Friend.

Be sure to check out the Corrupt project on the Recyclism site too, is cool. And, also Download Finished for some more really interesting corrupted file video editing, love it!