29 March 2010

Pic: d_effekt

Ly Sander & Michael J Collins - Imagine (buy)

One of the EP's of the year so far for me. You Were There by Ly Sander & Michael J Collins. Out on Electric Minds of London. The coming together of this duo has resulted in brilliance. On the face of it you can look at Collins' links with Wolf + Lamb and Ly Sander's connection with Drumpoet Community and come to a conclusion that this will be right on the pulse of the ever changing house music heartbeat. These are 'mood-inspiring productions; subtle and simple in places they will appeal to those that like their music deep and with a touch of soul.' Electric Minds are also putting on a killer warehouse party in Dalston on Thursday with Ilja Rudman, Nina Kraviz and Ray Mang to name a few. Details here.

Coleman - Track 5 (buy)

Been playing this Dirty Disco mix by Coleman a lot just lately. It's incredible. An hour of old house, obscure disco, world music and hip hop.

Here's the video to go with Christian Martin's new track on Trapez. This is some really, really inventive work from Christian. In love with.

Video: Christian Martin - Ghosts

Breaking Bad is amazing, almost prefer it to Mad Men. To blame for me not posting at all last week.

21 March 2010

San Soda & Just Nathan - Wasmachine

Ramon Tapia & Maxim Lany - Highway (FCL Remix)

We Play House Recordings has certainly been a breath of fresh air to house music over the last year or so. To quote: 'The simple aim of We Play House Recordings is to release house music that we like and play. No hype, no trend, no tribute, just good house music.' And good house music it is. Taking the vast experience of label head DJ Red D and fusing it with prodigious young talent that is San Soda WPH has hit on something special. 2010 is taking shape for the label with the massive Chicago house inspired 'Vocals For Everyone' by FCL (Red D and San Soda). Then coming up later this Spring will be a WPH debut for Luv*Jam that you can preview now on their MySpace. Exciting!

Luv* Jam is also having DJ Red D come over to play Central Station in Wrexham on Friday (26th March). Promises to be big!


Here is a new mix I've just done. I'll hopefully be doing a couple more mixes soon in the run up to a gig in Paris in May, more details to follow.


Nakion - Deus Ex Machina (Joakim Remix)
DyE - Crsytal D'acier (Logo Remix)
KiNK - Bittersweet
Childproof Man - Who's Been Meaning To
San Soda & Just Nathan - Maximum 150 Personen
Morning Factory - Runners
JTC - King Of The Box
Soundstream - Makin' Love
Antonelli - Disconnected
Populette - Mommy
MarSET - Ventura
Oskar Offermann - Only My Shorts
Paul Du Lac - M.Y.O.
Franck Roger - Re-Scape
Manuel Tur - Dream & Delirium
Andre Lodemann - Still Dreaming
Fet Et Moi - Paris Is For Lovers
Brandt Brauer Frick - Iron Man
Nico Grubert - Malibu
Catz'n Dogs & Pol_On - You Like
Ramon Tapia & Maxim Lany - Highway
Felix Bernhardt - Bam Bam Bam
Kolombo - Big Jim
Do Not Resist The Beat - Minus 126 In Berlin
EQD - 003-b
Terence Fixmer - Electric City
Severed Heads - Greater Reward (Dub)


16 March 2010

Fet Et Moi - Paris Is For Lovers (buy)

The greatest use of a Justin Timberlake vocal? I possibly think so. Old school house percussion and an acidic bassline, but it's the vocals from Timberlake's My Love that really make the track come together. Production is spot on, so it may come as no surprise to find that Fet Et Moi is in fact the work of &Me and Fetisch.

Here's a few more techier bits i've been enjoying. Nothing too straightforward though.

Olene Kadar - Neal Deepersma (buy)

Olene Kadar - Sarg Wualb

Yakine - Maissade (Varoslav Waves Remix)

Area - Missing A Few (buy)

Loops - Tuner

And now taking it back to 1985. Conveyor Belt was originally a cassette release on ADN of Italy. It has been described as simply one of the best pieces of experimental and industrial music released in that era.

Doxa Sinistra - The Other Stranger (buy)

Another video. No prizes for guessing the influences behind this track by Funeral Fireworks, but it's still lovely nonetheless. Glorious distortion coupled with emphatically building repetition.

11 March 2010

pic: Werk

Slight Delay - Melody Nelson (buy)

New edits from Slight Delay, who you may have heard on Eskimo over the last few months or so. The Cigana 12" features 4 very different tracks, from South African pop to dreamy new wave. Really interesting.

Nicolas Courtin - Les Yeux Fermés (buy)

Nicolas Courtin - Dusk (buy)

These tracks may sound like obscure late 70's - early 80's disco wave but these are infact the original productions of Nicolas Courtin, taken from his 2007 LP Les Yeux Fermés.

9 March 2010

Pic: Dave Barnes

Merciless techno.

Bauhaus - Untitled (Version 1) (buy)

Released under the common shroud of mystery last year, this was described simply as a Techno Masterpiece for those who know. Absolutely brutal. The tracks have since returned digitally, accredited to Chris Liebing and Tommy Four Seven. Still absolutely brutal.

Joseph Capriati - Passworld (buy)

Another unforgiving, heavy hitting techno track I enjoyed last year was this by Joseph Capriati, incidentally released on Liebing's CLR label.

A new name, but it's safe to say they'll still be ahead of the game. Happy Please is the new outlet for the wonderful blog that was Curb Crawlers. Happy Please has kept with CC's excellent series of mixtapes and kicks things off on the new site with an inspired selection from Jokers Of The Scene.

JOTS Mix for Happy Please

Jokers of the Scene - Joking Victim
B.D.I. - City & Industry
Daniel Meteo - In The Mood (Abe Duque Remix)
Crash Course In Science - Flying Turns (Terence Fixmer Remix)
Tiga - Sex O'Clock (Playgroup Remix)
Aberrant - Kirkbride's Dungeon
Stephan Bodzin - Mustang
Jori Hulkonnen - Boying in the Smokeroom
Fairmont - Mobula
Geiger - Bambam
Boy 8-Bit - The Keep
Mathew Jonson - Ghosts in the Al
2AM/FM - The Path
LFO - Freeze
Extrawelt - Fernweh
The Black Dog - Witches Ov

7 March 2010

Pic: John Jones aka Eachothers

Protect-U - Double Rainbow (buy)

Double Rainbow
will make your day. Playful synths build and build into the most satisfying melee of joy. Out now on Future Times. It's well worth checking the Future Times site because it is full of all kinds of goodies. Cheers to No Pain In Pop for this.

Balam Acab - See Birds

Balam Acab - See Birds (Coyote's Clean Up Dub)

The music of Balam Acab is truly beautiful. Balam Acab is attached to Robin XXJfg's Tri Angle Records. I think that's all that needs saying at this point. I just look forward to hearing more.

Mr Raoul K - Moment Psychedelik (buy)

Mr Raoul K - Wind Of Goree (buy)

Mr Raoul K left his native Ivory Coast in 1992, he relocated to Germany where a love of dance music grew within him, through trial and error he learned to produce music, and the sound we now find from him combines traditional African instruments and rhythms with European production techniques and soundscapes to make beautiful afro-beat house and techno. Hypnotic deep house.

I don't post enough music videos on here.

- Somebody's Property (2006)

4 March 2010

Pic: Andre Gottschalk

Populette - Daddy

Mommy by Populette is the new release on Throne Of Blood. It's just out with remix by TBD. It is quality deep tech house with a real unique feel to it.

Aaron Carl - Wallshaker (buy)

Japanese Synchro System - A Day In The Life

Been checking out the back catalogue of the Millions Of Moments label just lately following on from a love of all things Brock van Wey really. I uncovered these two gems. The Aaron Carl track really calls to mind Radioslave's 'Don't You Know'. Whereas the Japanese Synchro System track is blissed out piece of piano organ led deep house with flutes and Japanese spoken word, really nice.

360 - Neon One (buy)

Really loving this. 360 is the formidable and talented production duo of Dutchmen Nuno Dos Santos and Patrice Baumel. I've posted about both of their solo work in the past but as 360 they really create beautiful atmosphere whilst retaining the minimalism Baumel especially is renowned for.

Mauser - Jack Orchestra (buy)

2-step jackin' house from Mauser out on Generation Records a couple years back. Absurdly good fun!

2 March 2010

pic: Vinyl under a microscope

I recently interviewed Michael Mayer for Dummy Mag about Pop Ambient 2010, life within Kompakt and the treasures ahead. You can have a read here.

On a more ambient/downtempo tip today.

Coil - A Cold Cell In Bangkok (Exclusive Mix By Peter Christopherson) (buy)

Taken from Optimo Espacio's indispensible Sleepwalk compilation.

Black To Comm - Forst (buy)

Taken from last year's Alphabet 1968. A rewarding album that is well worth the effort even if it takes a bit.

Roll The Dice - Undertow (buy)

Roll The Dice's LP is continually blowing me away. A film score composer and a producer involved with Fever Ray get together for some downtempo synth and piano magic. So, so, so good.