31 May 2007

Ages ago I posted a lovely 1980's song by Laurie Anderson called O Superman. M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade have actually made their remix of it less minimal than the original was, that's saying something for the minimal maestros. Here's the original and their mix.

Laurie Anderson - Oh Superman

M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade - Oh Superman

Every now and then you hear something so lovely and sweet it makes you warm to the core. The following song does such things. Johnny And The Moon is Dante DeCaro ex-Hot Hot Heat guitarist and current Wolf Parader, he is the leader of this great folk rock band out of the best place to live in the entire inhabited earth. Thanks to SCTAS for this.

Johnny And The Lion - Tamed A Lion

More remixes, more, more, 'cos they're so good. This Phil Kieran mix of Motor's 1 x 1 essentially is quite similar to the original, tune wise, but packs a lot more bass and bleeps. woo.

Motor - 1 x 1 (Phil Kieran Mix)

30 May 2007

A pleasant surprise was to be had when I first heard Ming & Ping's MP2 album about 18months ago, it's synthpoppy goodness kept me sane during a week working in Birmingham (there are no pretty girls in Birmingham officially) Anyway, identical twins Ming & Ping are back with a new album called Causeway Army, basically it's just more of the same soft spoken electro-pop goodness. Fans include me, and FischerSpooner. Get the album here or here

Ming & Ping - Electricity

The Projects have got a wonderful EP out on Track & Field, I can't really sum them up any better than BK really: This latest EP from The Projects will be most notable to readers of these pages for the delectable Broadcast remix of 'Accidents Will Happen', but there's more than that to recommend this EP. Lisa Rosendahl's vocals are spellbinding throughout, maintaining a deadpan sense of new wave cool throughout while steady, uninflected guitars motor on around her. 'New Fun' stands out as an especially pleasing approximation of Stereolab's signature sounds, and alongside that superb Broadcast remix provides ample reason for you to invest. Gettable here.

The Projects - Accidents Will Happen (Broadcast Remix)

I'm going to see of Montreal on Friday! Can't wait, really I can't. I also heard something about them maybe doing a DJ set as well, I would like that, failing that I just hope people dance with reckless abandon y'know, to stuff like The Party's Crashing Us etc etc.

of Montreal - Climb The Ladder (Rory Phillips Remix)

Most beautiful act of media of the day goes to The Dead Texan. This is Aegina Airlines

The Dead Texan - Aegina Airlines

Video of same song

29 May 2007

Back after a jolly bank holiday away. Did this and that, this being sat by fires in the middle of nowhere, that being attending a washed out Dot To Dot festival. Much fun was had. Dot To Dot was great, musical highlights being a raucous Kap Bambino set, Slagsmalsklubben kicking organic sound into touch, and the cliche fat gangster type (in the nicest possible way) from Chromeo operating his vocoder through his keyboard and achieving the most incredible sound <3. Oh and Battles' Atlas being played through it's entirity in a DJ set.

DAT Politics have taken over my car stereo and stuff. I was just thinking how incredibly talented they are, probably not given near enough credit for its difficulty, yes the art of composing electronic music is a fine art indeed. Way to go guys. CAUTION: the following song is infectious and fun.

DAT Politics - Dizzy Zip

That's a fine art I have nowhere near ever perfected. This once I made a song, it was the only song I ever made, I feel bad even calling it a song really. The moniker was the only half decent thing about the whole effort. I bring you the musical failing of myself - Weekly Thompson - file under dreamy blip-blop.

Weekly Thompson - Tykes

Moving on to things of much finer quality, there's the split release on Arcade Mode of Bobmo and Jean Nipon. Nipon's track Raw Deal features what I believe is a sample of every kid my ages childhood, the voice of "SEEEEGAAA" when you cranked up your Megadrive. Good times.

Jean Nipon - Raw Deal

24 May 2007

San Serac has been getting a bit of blog coverage of late, a one man show that sounds like a 1980's stage show musical, San Serac's charming voice along with cheesy riffs aplenty combine to funk up your face leaving you wanting a bit more. The album Professional is available HERE. Highly recommended.

San Serac - Command Shift Sexy

San Serac - Teenage Wildlife

That hip musical chameleon Kap10Kurt has put out another track, Mastah Of Puppettes. Once again he delivers the dance beats and 8-bit treats this time with a tinge of urbanicity, yea!

Kap10Kurt - Mastah Of Puppettes

I didn't realise those anti-popsters Best Fwends had made so many tracks, I thought the 7" of theirs I had was about as far as it went, however Moshi Moshi are releasing their efforts in alpabetical order - 33 tracks in total, most of which roll in at around the 1 minute 30 mark...... perfect for short attention spans.

Best Fwends - House Ghost

23 May 2007

Justin Timberlake is one pop-star who I don't mind shoving on at a party, his beats (or whoever makes them) are some of the best around, and the lyrics, well, I don't pay much notice, just dance. Geordie man Riton did this mix of Timberlake's Sexy Back and renamed it Dexy Brokeback, he's taken what was already an ace tune, and retuned it for the dancefloor, squelchy bass etc. Fantastic. Get the 12" HERE

Riton - Dexy Brokeback

Hyperbubble is perhaps a cliche name for an act that sounds somewhere in between Freezepop and Ladytron. Boy and girl - Jess and Jeff lay down some fine synth-pop tunes with great aplomb and are bound to strike a chord with any lover of Freezepop, Ladytron, et al.

Hyperbubble - Syntesthesia

Imagine my great joy when I discovered that my favourite Swedish instrumental blip-bloppers Slagsmålsklubben had been added to play at Dot To Dot on Sunday! I cannot wait to see these guys!

Slagsmålsklubben - Borg Of Hate

Now off to watch the football.... I heard Jan Molby passed a late fitness test, Liverpool will definitely win!

22 May 2007

As i've said previously, I quite often decide to check out a band based on their name. This week it was John's Candy. Their sound? Super sweet electro-pop perhaps not too dissimilar from The Knife's more upbeat colourful times of past.

John's Candy - Amusing Using You

Girl bands are for yes. I do love Girls Aloud. But I love Dynasty that bit more, the left-coast no-wave girl group are just the best, with their playful lyrics and off kilter no-fi sounds.

Dynasty - You've Got Problems

Dynasty - Amy's Song

I love Brigitte Bardot as well.

Brigitte Bardot - Ecoute Le Temps

18 May 2007

Sorry for Eggdisk going down and taking all mp3s down except for yesterdays post. I hope they fix it and the tracks come back. I'm using FileXoom for now.

As way of an apology, and to show how bleep my love is for you all, I shall let you in on a little Crystal Castles yo. Same beats, more vocoder. YUMMM..

Crystal Castles - Insecticon

The other day I stumbled upont Megapeng. They bring German Casiocore enthusiasm at full pelt right in your face. Comparisons include Le Tigre on Speed, The Chicks disco dancing with Bis and Gravy Train. DIY-pop done well. Now dance.

Megapeng - Rauberhohle

17 May 2007

So yeah, I had about 8 minutes free time at work today, which I used to readjust the blog image a bit, not sure if I like it or not though.

Damero's album Happy In Grey out on BPitch Control is perfect for dancing lying down. Like BPC boss-woman Ellen Allien, this is IDM with femininity, and I love it.

Damero - Things Gone (feat. Headkit)

Sticking with girls and electronics. Olga Kouklaki is a girl. Also DJ, also producer of fine songs. You may have heard her featuring on a Poni Hoax song called Budapest a while ago. Olga was born november 1979 in Athens, Greece. She started playing the piano at the age of 8 and have been involved with music since. While doing her classical music studies, curiosity brought her into the electronic scene. She started DJing in Greek bars and clubs and learns more about music production. September 2001 she moved to Paris, DJing, taking courses in interior design and contemporary music. Just recently she's released an EP entitled Get A Life which features this remix by Black Strobe.

Olga Kouklaki - Get A Life (Black Strobe Remix)

The Bloody Beetroots can seemingly do no wrong at the moment, from deconstructing and remixing the heck out of everything, to producing their own brand of 'disco-rtion'. Their hard synths and catchy keyboard riffs will send you into rhythmic convulsions. They're set to destroy dancefloors across Europe in the coming months, check their page for dates/times/locations. <3<3<3

The Bloody Beetroots - Harvest Time

16 May 2007

Every now and then you will hear song which after only 17 or so seconds of play on the first time of hearing you will fall instantly in love with, when it's played out to its completion the first time it goes straight back on, and again, and again, until it's time for a sleepy peepy. Recently such a thing occurred to me.

Mr Miyagi are a pair of Swedish chaps who are about my age, but far more skilled in the art of computer sound synthesis. The Vitalic influence is clear from the outset with it's persistent throbbing beat of doom, then half way in when monsieur Master System gets going, being coerced into producing his beautiful 8-bit speech just makes you smile that bit more. Also, there's the raise in pitch from time to time which harks back to the joyous days of dancing with merriment to Vitalic's La Rock 01. Oh man. For reasons more than nostalgia, this could be my dance anthem for the summer, if anyone will play it..... of course they will! I need a DJ set. Buy the 12" HERE and spin it to death.


Mr Miyagi - It Dies

Pat Morita would be very proud.

15 May 2007

It's probably been my most danced to song of recent months, no matter how many times you hear it, no matter where you are, Fox n' Wolf's Youth Alcoholic is just the most fun that has ever been encapsulated into song format. Then there is a remix. Slightly more formulaic maybe, slightly more serious perhaps, excellent? You bet! Then again what do you expect, it's Etienne de Crecy that's mixed it up.

Fox n' Wolf - Youth Alcoholic (Etienne de Crecy Remix)

I flipping love Fox n'Wolf btw.

14 May 2007

Not much to report really.

I have been loving a remix done by an uber hot DJ from Germany, namely Xenia Beliayeva. She has put a spin on arguably the key modern electro exponent Anthony Rother track Don't Worry. It is really excellent and I can't wait to hear the full-length Rother that's due out on Datapunk label at some point. This mix though is just dark synth beat heaven with vocals to suit.

Anthony Rother - Don't Worry (Xenia Beliayeva Remix)

You may have heard Teen Video's mix of Justice's D.A.N.C.E. Well there's more to him than that, this is a pretty sweet electro-emo-gospelfunk tune from him. Worth checking out.

Teen Video - Teenage

Perhaps a surprise to regular partakers of the music I post about, Nico Muhly reigned supreme on my last.fm charts, and deservedly so too. His experimental violin play is simply incredible. If you like Johann Johannson and so on, this guy will certainly impress you. Grab his album. It also features Antony of Johnsons fame.

Nico Muhly - Honest Music

11 May 2007

Easy going electro, not something you can say too often with the current crop of distortionheads intent on squelching every last living breath out of the cleancut beat. Popular Computer is one French man and his computer, intent on creating sounds solely on a personal computer with sound card and amp. The musical world of Popular Computer keeps on becoming refined and revives the futuristic promesses of the past decades with nostalgia and modernity. Easy going electro.

Popular Computer - I Can't Forget You

Gangpol Und Mit can supply all your sugary sweet melodious needs whilst making you smile and think: "Guys, guys, guys are you for real?" I love it, though I know the majority won't. Think of a less harsh sounding Dat Politics being broadcast on a VHS tape thats been recorded on a million times. Genius music released on wwilko

Gangpol Und Mit - Chinese Slavery

Boy vs. Bacteria, we all fight bacteria all the time, but Richard does by serving up some anti-bacterial retrogamerpixeldancemusic. Exceed the recommended dose and feel happy!

Boy vs. Bacteria - Waiting For That Feeling

Boy vs. Bacteria - Saffron Skyline

Cash Candy & Parov Stelar (one and the same) got this Jet Set EP out since March, and it's great, lot's of nice build ups, crescendos, pinnacles whatever, all set to persistent beats and stuttered vocals. The EP includes a mix by Christopher Just, all good listening, whether at home or elsewhere.

Cash Candy & Parov Stelar - Jet Set


Dwayne Sodahberk - Knife Aboard. Tigerbeat6. YES

9 May 2007

I never really talk about electro-pop or Sweden do I, so here is some electro-pop for a change. Artymove are like most electro-pop bands, from Sweden, they are a duo plus one. They make lovely synthesized tunes with sweet melodious vocals over the top. Reminds me of Ms John Soda, very nice indeed. Their website is so chic, their music video is lovely. They are unsigned....

Artymove - Say No More

Then going back a while, Dieter Schmidt (Joakim Ijäs) did a split with Simian Mobile Disco, their track was The Count, Schmidt's was Morse Code From The Cold War, He may be better known as Kiki, and whatever his alias, he makes great tech-house!

Dieter Schmidt - Morse Code From The Cold War

5 May 2007

Best band name ever? Quite possibly .... with fantastic songs to boot!


Trippple Nippples - R.I.P. Meat

Perhaps with the exception of Duran Duran Duran. Still, Trippple Nippples make way catchier stuff, J-Pop with a twist? It's fun whatever.

4 May 2007

I love natural sounding 8-bit noise. Cheap Dinosaurs do it to good effect here. I like Cheap Dinosaurs. It's like playing Zelda on your 1989 model Gameboy with headphones on, and maybe one of those stick on lights 'cos you're supposed to be sleeping in bed.


Cheap Dinosaurs - Pxl Beech

Now for your weekend dose of super dope beats, Dada Life. I like their philosophy, it goes something like this: Destroy dance music and have fun. Don’t look back in the past. Always go forward. Don’t think too much. Always follow the money.


Dada Life - We Do Have A Plan REMOVED

and whilst talking about Dada Life I just can't resist sticking in the outrageously good Linus Loves remix of Big Time, beautiful, dancefloor slaying bit-pop forever!

Dada Life - Big Time (Linus Loves Mix)REMOVED

Not electronic based, but still with amazingness in common, there is this song by Pete And The Pirates, who are essentially Tap Tap. Anyway this is Pete And The Pirates version of She Doesn't Belong which you may have heard on Tap Tap's smash hit album.... as regards which version came first I could not tell you, and it's far too late for me to be delving deep to find the chronological order of these songs. I don't know which version I prefer, ask me in 12 years, maybe you can make your own mind up quicker than me though.


Pete And The Pirates - She Doesn't Belong

Tap Tap - She Doesn't Belong

Reet, have a nice weekend etc..... Digitalism and friends on Sunday

.....quite good.

2 May 2007

Dolby Anol - High-School

Dijickleism - Apollo-Gize (Final Mix)

Order your copy of Idealism NOW, HERE

1 May 2007

Back from Dirty Three's ATP weekend which was everything I was expecting and perhaps even a smidgen better. Highlights included swimming, playing football, going to the beach at sunrise because we were locked out, meeting Cat Power and being mistaken for someone else by her, standing next to Joanna Newsom whilst watching D3 and trying to catch a glimpse of her fingers, Warren Ellis' long-legged kicks, being impressed by fantastic sets by Yann Tiersen, Joanna Newsom, A Silver Mt Zion and Low just to name a few.

Now as far from harps, cellos, and all other things alike, going back a while I remember hearing some stuff by an electropop outfit from Sweden called Assid, their was this track (see below) in particular which stood out to me. It gave nod to a legendary 70's hip-hop song. Then more recently i've heard fellow Swede's Soviac who are impressive in a you remind me of Revl9n that's good kind of way. Anyway Assid have remixed Soviac's new single and there is resultant splendor. Get the single HERE.


Soviac - I Got The Ribbah (Assid Remix)

Assid - A.S.S.I.D.

Then to tone down the pop side of electronic music, there is this, equally electronic yet totally different in sound. Neil Scrivin is influenced by food, toys, obscure charity shop tapes, books about UFOs, nostalgia, being miserable, being happy, and most notably by the 1970s & 1980s as the sound he creates reminds you of those educational videos that you were sometimes lucky enough to sit and watch some sunny afternoons at primary school. Interesting and evoking downtempo electronica. Oh so good.


Scrivin - Phenomena

From there if we pick up the tempo we come to Das Glow. Das Glow is a French act with obvious influences from the German techno scene. On the hipper than hip French label Institubes, Das Glow guarantees the two B's, bass and beats. the following is one of Das Glow's easier going tunes. Highly recommended. Das Glow EP available HERE.


Das Glow - Cathedrale