30 December 2009

Pic: Alex Passapera

Kitkaliitto - Swamp (buy)

Kitkaliitto are a Finnish trio making some really lush deep and experimental, sample laden house music. Swamp actually reminds me a little of Isolee.

Dreesvn - Tall Stories (remixed & reproduced by Rasslebande) (buy)

I could use one of a number of records to highlight the prevailing sound in Techno in 2009. This edges it. So good.

Eddie C - Hold On (buy)

Eddie C
with some slow funk on 7 Inches Of Love, the superb disco edits label started up by The Mole. For The Lost by The Mole also ranks right up near the top in my favourite tracks of 2009, for sure.

Oto Gelb - Air On A G-String (J.S. Bach) (buy)

Oto Gelb aka Daniel Wang with an edit of Symphonic 2000's wonderful take on Bach's Air.

I've also been raiding the archives and uncovered a few gems mainly from the New Wave Complex mixes. Enjoy

Metro Pakt - Neue Straßen

Nasmak - Silhouette

Hermann Kopp - Mondo Zombie

Greg Vandike - Clone

Moebius Plank Neumeier - Speed Display

Yukihiro Takahashi - Extra-Ordinary

Nova - Terra

To 2010!x

22 December 2009

pic: Tuhru

Late to the game as ever. I've got myself a Soundcloud account and have uploaded a newly made mix for all to hear. Stream, download, enjoy... perhaps.

Keytars & Violins - December 2009 Mix

Mondkopf certainly struck a chord with many people this year with his superb Galaxy Of Nowhere LP. Libera Me is the latest single off the album, and particularly impressive is Gohan's remix. Icy cold, sci-fi soundtrack material. Top notch.

Mondkopf - Libera Me (Destin Tragique Remix By Gohan)

Going back to Soundcloud, Gohan has also put together this quite sublime mix for Des Chibres et des Lettres. You only need look at the tracklist to know it brings something different and special to the table.

Gohan mix #14 | Spécial DCDL X — Hérésie by Marz666

1. Geinoh Yamashirogumi - Reincarnation
2. Oni Ayhun - OAR002 (edit)
3. György Ligeti - Lux Aeterna
4. The Machine - Fuse (Dixon Remix)
5. Various Artists - Lai-Lai (from "Voyage En U.R.S.S., Vol. 5")
6. Emad Parandian - Kamanche (Original Mix)
7. Various Artists - AiDJemal (from "Voyage En U.R.S.S., Vol. 5")
8. Fanta - Rebetiko
9. Luciano - Conspirer
10. Onur Özer - Allegro Energico (edit)
11. Geinoh Yamashirogumi - Agba'a
12. Oni Ayhun - OAR001-A (edit)
13. Miles Davis - Early Minor
14. Italoboyz - L'Anagramme
15. Redshape - Seduce Me
16. Luciano - Celestial (edit)
17. Luigi Nono - Liebeslied
18. Roland Bocquet - Exotique (edit)
19. Alessandro Striggio - Ecce Beatam Lucem (Paul van Nevel & Huelgas Ensemble)
20. Susumu Yokota - Gekkoh (edit)
21. Toru Takemitsu - Air (by Patrick Gallois)
22. Greg Baba - Sadow (with Sami Altindag and Bernard Rubio)
23. The Radioactive Man - Goodnight Morton

18 December 2009

pic: Oliver Daxenbichler

Acid Pauli - Nymbiotic

Acid Pauli, perhaps known better as Console or part of The Notwist makes the best of electronic music, and ever on the cutting edge he has been making use of this wicked new tool, RJDJ. What is RJDJ? It's described as an iPhone music app that transforms ambient noises into ear-bending soundscapes. The clattering of keyboards, the rumble of buses, even the ins and outs of your breath are multiplied, pitch-shifted, looped, and twisted on the fly into an aural mosaic. It’s like taking a leisurely walk inside Brian Eno’s brain. Nymbiotic by Acid Pauli is gorgeous minimal techno in it's own right, but using the Symbiotic RJDJ scene you could turn it into something totally different time and time again... int' technology great.

Pirahnahead - Mirror Muse Internal Inspiration (buy)

Pirahnahead - Disconnected Dissed Connection (buy)

Totally slept on the NGTVNRG EP from Pirahnahead. Upbeat house killers, both these tracks highlight his ability to mix it up and still be amazing.

Roland Appel - Cold Blooded

Had been a while since last hearing anything by Roland Appel before checking his Snow In Spring Time EP on AUS music. What a corking release, the title track is mega camp but in a good way and even sees a remix by the most excellent Runaway who strip it back and lay it low.

Cheap & Deep - Words, Breaths & Pauses (TR-808 Doom Disco Dub) (buy)

And, if this was the last track I post this year (it might not be)......then it'd be a pretty epic way to end it....

9 December 2009

Pic: Pole Of Inaccessibility

Two of Kompakt's time served Pop Ambient contributors have just come up with new LP's. Beautiful they are. Klimek's Movies Is Magic is the film score to a film that will never exist. While Markus Guentner's Doppelgaenger tackles ambient drone in the most inspiring of ways. Both essential ambient pieces.

Klimek - Tears Of Happiness (buy)

Markus Guentner - Dreiglanz (buy)

Increasing the intensity just a little, and adding a cheeky dose of dream pop we come to the new single from Faux Pas. Otherworldly, captivating, gorgeous. You can get the single complete with remixes from over here.

Faux Pas - Silver Line (buy)

Sticking in dream mode we go to Kadebostan in the sensational new Vodka Wedding EP out on Freud Am Tanzen. Exquisite.

Kadebostan - Love In Looxor (buy)

At 3mins 45 this becomes far and away the best Guillame & The Coutu Dumonts track i've heard.

Guillame & The Coutu Dumonts - The Pussy Shepherd (buy)

Back soon, heading off to ATP.

4 December 2009

Pic: Magic Sweater

Johannes Volk - Heat Haze (buy)

Don't Stop is an exciting new label recently started up in Germany. The first release is a sensational 12" featuring two totally contrasting yet equally brilliant tracks. Johannes Volk sends us on a mesmeric journey with Heat Haze and Mirko Hecktor releases a funk laden house jam. Sure to be well received everywhere. 300 vinyls and digital.

Ichisan & Nakova - Povratak Otpisanih (buy)

Ichisan & Nakova - Rob Vesolja (buy)

Somehow missed this beauty from last summer. Directly from the Slovenian crime scene here come Ichisan & Nakova with guns, bodies of evidence, badges and .... lot of funk! Anthemic nu-disco out on Pizzico Records. Cracking!

Shimmy Sham Sham - A-side (buy)

This is an anonymous party track that has apparently been around for about 3 years before getting a white label release this summer. The a-side is a killer rework of a Fela Kuti track, not to be missed!

30 November 2009

pic: Sonmi

Sorry for slacking with updates, been a busy boy lately. Thankfully my iPod's been wherever I have, and this is a sample of what has been in rotation.

Mutant Clan - Perfect Place

Locke - Reinkarnation

Lil Louis - Blackout (Phase II)

Tevo Howard - Everyday House Music

23 November 2009

pic: Alex Robbins

KZA - On & On & On (buy)

KZA - Routine (buy)

KZA makes up one half of Japanese electronic legends Force Of Nature. His new LP Dig & Edit on Mule Musiq does exactly what it says on the tin, he provides some obscure disco, post-punk and other oddities and then glistens them with that lush electronica touch that you've come to love from Force Of Nature. Super good, and if you really want to treat yourself there's a fancy special edition pack over at Oki-Ni that includes a plethora of top notch goodies, limited to just 30 copies.

DJ Jus-Ed presents Nina Kraviz - Free (buy)

Soon to have a release on Rekids is the highly rated eastern European deep house talent, Nina Kraviz. On her First Time EP for DJ Jus-Ed's Underground Quality label, she drifts beautifully between minimal vocal house and some things much deeper and more disco. Nice.

Late Nite Tuff Guy - Need U (buy)

If it's full on high energy disco you want, Late Nite Tuff Guy is your man. Tuff Edits Vol 1 sees him tackle Jan Hammer through Kate Bush with one aim, to move the dancefloor.

To finish a couple old disco synth tracks.

Stopp - I'm Hungry (big thanks to Frequency Without Control)

File 13 - Taste So Good

18 November 2009

pic: James Blagden

Applescal - An Old Fellowship

New on Manual Music is the incredibly strong An Old Fellowship EP from young Dutch producer Applescal. It mixes all aspects of everything I love about this style of techno. From heavy distorted progressive house to epic Jesse Somfay-ish soundscapes that burst into life from nowhere. Highly recommended for Border Community and Ryan Davis fans. Also comes with remix from Russian Linesman... such a great name!

Electric Rescue - The Pretty Killer (buy)

Another formidable EP just out is that of Electric Rescue, who's fed us with a constant stream of releases this year, always guaranteed to be top tech-house. Supported by the likes of Brodinski.

Quince - Wires (buy)

I posted up a Quince track earlier on in the year, following that up is Wires out on Music Man. A real teaser that just builds and builds before breaking into a roaring bass monster. One of my recent favourites. For fans of label mate Petar Dundov.

Technose Distrikt - Track 1 (buy)

Slooow techno from Technose Distrikt. Kind of like a warmer, more playable Colombia#1

Myers Briggs - Forever (buy)

Full on euphoria to finish.

16 November 2009

pic: Andreas Banderas

Hunee - Took My Love (buy)

I've really been getting into Hunee's productions of late, the Berlin based Korean has been quick to impress and after only a trio of releases he is already earning a reputation as an emerging talent to watch. Took My Love is taken off the fantastic Drumpoems Verse 2 compilation. And Hunee's latest release Barrio Payment is out on Quarion's vinyl only Retreat label... which released this by Session Victim just a while back. Get the vinyl here.

Session Victim - Memory Lane (buy)

Next up some relentlessly heavy techno from Mike Dehnert, taken from his Poutres EP which shows off some lighter dub techno along with this, the weighty WH2.

Mike Dehnert - WH2 (buy)

12 November 2009

Following a few recent live shows, it appears that the mysterious Oni Ayhun is indeed as previously thought, the work of The Knife's Olof Dreijer. Out earlier in May this year OAR 003 is nothing short of sensational.

"Discover steep, rugged canyons, painted rock minarets, desert vistas framed by blooming wildflowers, soaring raptors and singing canyon wrens on the wildest remaining rivers. Join this amazing journey composed of quiet floating as well as exciting whitewater rapids. Search for birds, including both the zone-tailed and gray hawk, elegant trogon, elf and whiskered screech owls, and eight species of hummingbird. Enjoy dazzling flower displays, and observe an astounding concentration of nesting raptors. Drink in spectacular canyon vistas. Watch elk, deer, bighorn sheep -- and ranchers at work -- in this rugged habitat. Enjoy the relaxed pace of a free-flowing river with few rapids, stunning scenery, interesting geology and rich natural history. Search for grizzly bear, wolf, awe-inspiring herds of migrating caribou, and arctic birds in full breeding plumage that travel thousands of miles to nest here. Through the foothills and across the coastal plain. Cruise the wild islands and coastlines. From Humboldt penguins to hundreds of macaws and parrots gathering daily at the world's largest-known clay lick in the Amazon, you will encounter a plethora of bird species each day. Witness seabirds, walrus, sea otter, Arctic fox and bear-and ceremoniously cross the Arctic Circle. Impressive landscapes-from pristine coves and beaches to expansive tundra and soaring mountains-serve as photogenic backdrops to this remarkable adventure."

Oni Ayhun - OAR 003-B (buy)

And if you can't get enough of Oni Ayhun then you'll be pleased to know there's a remix of a Patrick Cowley & Jorge Soccoras track due out in the next couple of days, you can preview it here.

Couple more ethereal techno beauties at the darker and lighter ends of the spectrum.

Redshape - Seduce Me (buy)

Panoptikum - Elaste (buy)

5 November 2009

pic: Bruno B. Dicolla

Italoboyz - Where Is London (buy)

If you're in London this weekend then feel free to join us at The Lock Tavern on Sunday for Blogger's Delight where I shall be playing some tracks more suited to a late afternoon before it all kicks on with appearances from the hotly tipped Chamboche and Renaissance Man and residents Casper C and Skull Juice in what promises to be a proper good night of miscellanies du jour.

Of course, there's plenty prior to that... an epic night of Border Community goodness at the Corsica Studios on Friday. And, party Slutty Fringe at the Queen Of Hoxton on Saturday.

Nathan Fake - October Mix

2 November 2009

pic: Cornelia Hesse-Honegger via But Does It Float

Ralph Lundsten - Discophrenia

Ralph Lundsten & The Andromeda All Stars with the title track off their 1978 LP. Jammy.

Fresh - Snick (buy)

As usual, epic edits from In Flagranti and their Codek Records. This is the b-side off Volume 5 of Sounds Superb. Just so catchy.

Lory D - The Bank Robbery (buy)

One of my favourite edits of the year this. One to please techno and disco aficionados in equal measures. Lory D's edit of John Carpenter's track he composed for the pinnacle of overblown 1980s Hollywood action films... Escape From New York. Out on Subdance Records.

25 October 2009

pic: Taizo Yamamoto

Break SL - Trombone (buy)

Deep Detroit influenced techno from young German producer Break SL, taken from his City Wasteland album Trombone is a dark affair with it's droney intro offset with some wonderful string arpeggios and tribal twinkles.

San Proper - Keep It Raw (buy)

Sure to be eclipsed over time by Perlon's next release, Shackleton's Three EP's, Dutch producer San Proper nonetheless shows us where it's at with his debut for the German label. House music at its primal finest!

Juju & Jordash - African Flower (A Tribute To The Duke) (buy)

A masterpiece of wrong funked and technicoloured deep house. Something really quite special from Juju & Jordash.

Tom Trago - Brothers Of String (Yuro Trago Remix) (buy)

Taken from the Tom Trago - Voyage Direct remixes, this one by Yuro Trago is the winner for me, although they are all super.

21 October 2009

Pic: Forests Of Azure

Ryan Davis - Spicyal Sound

It's well documented around here my love for Ryan Davis' productions. This progressive tech house gem of his has just been featured on Ivan Smagghe's compilation for Live At Robert Johnson, following in the footsteps of Chloe and Prins Thomas... all essential of course. Sticking with the Live At Robert Johnson label is this taken from a 12" earlier on in the year by Plein Soleil.

Plein Soleil - Casus Belli (buy)

I think i've posted something by Bernard Szajner previously and his work in the duo Proroky, this track is from his (Hypothetical) Prophets project, pure cold wave.

The (Hypothetical) Prophets - Person To Person

And finally some no wave indie stuff, these guys are totally my favourites at the moment, cannot get enough of their Everything Went Wrong lp. Meth Teeth.

Meth Teeth - A Thousand Regrets

14 October 2009

Pic: Steven Burke

Some deep housey tracks. All exceedingly good.

Ibex - 360 (buy)

Grackle - Desert Acid (Musicargo Version)

Classic Flowers - Aclaime

Jacob Korn - Selene

Rene Breitbarth - Circle Circus

12 October 2009

pic: Sci-Fi-O-Rama

Unknown Artist - Geheimtipp 1 (Side B) (buy)

Super limited vinyl only release from earlier this year on the mysterious Geheimtipp label. Feels kinda cliche already using the whole nameless approach, but when the music is as good as this it really doesn't matter one bit. Amazing.

5 October 2009

Dompteur Mooner - Le Coq Rouge (buy)

Dompteur Mooner - Sister James (buy)

Music For Espionage is an essential 12" from Dompteur Mooner, described as dark and sinister avantgarde electro - disco edits. I really am in love with this release. Le Coq Rouge features a sample as heard in Riley Reinhold & Steve Barnes' brilliant track Odyssey and then Sister James is a really dark, droning edit of a Sonic Youth track. Other edits on the release include Pink Floyd's Another Brick In The Wall and a sublime rework of Franz Ferdinand's Michael, really essential listening. Dompteur Mooner was also responsible for this.

1 October 2009

DVS1 - Running (buy)

Signed to Ben Klock's Klockworks imprint is DVS1 and his superb 12". Stripped down techno at it's uncompromising finest.

Levon Vincent - Late Night Jam (buy)

You know you can always trust Ostgut Ton's output, even more so when it's Levon Vincent producing. Certainly one of the tracks of the year that really sums up for me the direction the forward thinkers in techno have been heading. Epic.

A Made Up Sound - On & On (buy)

Probably better known as dubstep producer 2562, Dave Huisman assumes the name A Made Up Sound for a sublime release as part of Clone's Basement Series. So so good.

The Flirts - Calling All Boys (Rahaan Edit) (buy)

More Stilove4music edits for you. DJ Rahaan this time taking on The Flirts 1982 hit Calling All Boys. Super loopy dancefloor prepped edit.

27 September 2009

pic: Jorn Kaspuhl

Neonbelle - I Just Might (Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (buy)

Sumptuous work from Dutch producer Nuno Dos Santos. Really dreamy.

Meanderthals - 1-800-288-SLAM (buy)

Desire Lines was released earlier this year on Smalltown Supersound, perhaps a little more slept on than I was expecting given that it's a collaboration between the Idjut Boys and Rune Lindbaek.

Haito - Gopfrich - Non Plus Ultra (buy)

Haito Gopfrich
's debut album Fiat Lux is just out on Boxer. Superb tech-house.

Sinc - Sur Sur (buy)

Greek tech-house. It's all fairly straight forward until that acid breakdown every now and then,
teasing stuff.

Peter Horrevorts - The Rabbit Hole (Johannes Heil Remix)

This actually blew up speakers when Heil played this out, no joke. Mental bass.

I've watched a few films lately too. Here's a couple I totally recommend.

Time Crimes
: Superb Spanish thriller that works on causality and stuff, certainly gets you thinking without being perplexed like say Primer does, although that too is excellent if you dig that sort of thing.

Un Prophete: I'm not usually big on crime drama's but this epic is just utterly captivating from start to finish.

20 September 2009

pi: Hollis Brown Thornton

Magnus International - Onkel Reisende Mac (buy)

Heavy duty nu-disco from Magnus International. Taken from the Kosmetisk 12" out on Full Pupp.

Be - The Needs

Mysterious edits on the Stilove4music label. The original track by Roy Ayers here becomes a delicious deep house chugger.

Coma - Choices (Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt's Riotvan Mix) (buy)

This is a beautiful remix from Permanent Vacation signed duo Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt, unsurprisingly it won the remix competition put together for Coma's Choices single earlier this summer. Coma have since put out the incredible Crystal EP through Kompakt. Really recommended, you can grab a listen here.

Found footage gold to finish. Ghanaian pop singer Ata Kak with some seriously catchy rhymes.

MP3: Ata Kak - Daa Nyinaa

14 September 2009

pic: Siri Hol

Here's a little assortment of space disco jams and the like that i've been digging for a while and saving them up for a big post like this. I hope you enjoy.

Mandrillo And Muppets Band - Pick Pack

From 1979, this was the work of Celso Valli, better known for his work as Azoto. Fun time disco.

Naif Orchestra - Check Out Five

From 1984, killer synth-disco track about supermarkets needing to be open on Sundays, or something.

J.Joyce & Co - Daddy And Mama

Produced in 1978 by half brothers Jean-Pierre Massiera and Bernard Torelli this track has it all, fake string arrangements, abundant energy, double entendre filled vocals and most of all it is insanely catchy.

Mike Theodore Orchestra - Cosmic Wind

Upping the funk with this from 1978, taken from the Tom Moulton mixed Cosmic Wind LP. Space disco funk supreme.

Disco Dream and the Androids - Love Dance

Disco Dream and the Androids - Dream Machine

A more minimal take on space disco from this 1980 LP by Disco Dream and the Androids which you can get on a re-release here.

Les Edits Du Golem - Pete Wolf (buy)

Les Edits Du Golem - Spacerock

And a couple of super obscure cuts taken from the fantastic Les Edits Du Golem series.

11 September 2009

Loud E - Tomorrow's World (Today's Cut Mix) (buy)

Loud E takes on the 1980s theme tune to Tomorrow's World, slows it down, drags it out, turns into a darned good track. The other side of this Loud E release is a megamix of I Feel Love, so good too!

Foog - Declination (buy)

A trip over to Japan for this, out on Mule last year this is a top notch piece of work by Foog. Cosmic tinged Italo/Krautrock influenced techno. Progressive and repetitive yet always interesting!

Lone - Fly Fire Rainbow (buy)

Taken from the Cluster Dreams EP, Lone follows up the super Sunset Teens with some exquisite electronica reminiscent of Flying Lotus or output on Ramp, highly recommended, also features a remix from the much loved Bibio.

Battant - The Butcher (buy)

The Butcher is a single taken from Battant's No Head LP. Female fronted post punk, new wave and experimental electronic trio on Kill The DJ Records.

6 September 2009

pic: Lilcooch

Really happy to say this. I've just done a mix for the wonderful London based music magazine Dummy. Head over there to listen to it.

Keytars & Violins Mix For Dummy

Now some really good techno.

Unknown Artist - Seldom Felt 5 (buy)

More anonymous beats from the Seldom Felt series, offering number 5 is without doubt the most danceable. Ripping vocals out of the classic disco tune 'You Make Me Feel' it chops everything up and delivers some multi layered techno brilliance. For fans of Soundstream etc.

Blind Minded - To The Bus (buy)

Super inventive techno from Blind Minded, sampling the London transport system. A favourite of Ivan Smagghe this. Get it here.

M.in & Ynk - Capetown River Boating (buy)

Originally out on Weplayminimal at the beginning of the year, the absurdly good Capetown River Boating. Tiefschwarz have been hammering it all summer and will shortly be releasing it on their own Souvenir Music label along with some remixes by Kreon and Sante. Sante also has a remix up on his myspace of the following track by &Me. Released on the super hot Keinemusik label, F.I.R. is about as good as it gets, I am totally in love with this track, the vocals work so well, it's flawless. Thank you Grindin'.

&Me - F.I.R. (buy)

1 September 2009

pic: Recyclism

Coyote - Pacific Breeze (buy)

It's been a while coming, but it's certainly been worth the wait. Harlyn Bay is the debut LP from downtempo disco duo Coyote. It's precisely what this summer hasn't been... Warm, psychedelic and splendid. Go hunt down that sunset and chill-out to this. Coyote also run the Is It Balaeric? label and have just put out something well worth checking out by The Deadstock 33's aka Justin Robertson, who also has another amazing sounding release due out in a couple of weeks on legendary Manchester label Paper Recordings.

Smith & Mudd - The Delivery Man (buy)

Smith & Mudd's second LP like Coyote's offers blissfully deep and downtempo grooves. As you drift off towards the end of this album you realise Smith & Mudd have pulled off something very special here.

Pat Les Stache - Much More Love

With Cabana Disco Volume 3 on the horizon I thought i'd share this slice of funk from Pat Les Stache, who also runs American Athlete. There's a load more of his superb edits to be had over there.

Man Friday - Love Honey, Love Heartache

This is a track from 1986 by Man Friday, a sleazy dub disco affair from a trio that included the late Larry Levan.

Brian E - Now Know Why You Cry

Hi-NRG stuff from Brian E, reminds me a lot of Black Devils "H"-Friend.

Be sure to check out the Corrupt project on the Recyclism site too, is cool. And, also Download Finished for some more really interesting corrupted file video editing, love it!

27 August 2009

pic: Threadless

DJ Nasty Boots vs. The G.O.A.T. - Listening Wind (buy)

Absolutely loving this track out on the FrequeNC label, it dates back to 2005 and is taken from the La Resistance C'est Homegrown 12". It's a lo-fi/experimental house track that samples Talking Heads track Listening Wind... love Byrne's vocals work so much.

Chicago Skyway - Heavens & Angels (buy)

Heavens & Angels by Chicago Skyway is a super deep house track out on Dutch label M>O>S Recordings, a label that's also released stuff by Legowelt and personal fave Morphosis. Remix work comes from label founder Aroy Dee who busts out the acid. Tops.

Kaliber - Kaliber 21 b1 (buy)

How someone can release so much music is beyond me. Kaliber is another recording alias of John Dahlback and this is his 21st release as Kaliber in just 3 years. Add that to all his other work and well, it's just a bit ridiculous. Kaliber 21 is a fine example of how to produce deep and involving minimal tech-house.

I've also been collecting John Dahlback's work with his cousin Jesper as Hugg & Pepp, there's like a stupid amount of that too. Sweet Rosie is just out and it's amazing, but here's a couple of their older tracks.

Hugg & Pepp - Janne

Hugg & Pepp - Hund

Hugg & Pepp - Tratt

And for something totally different to finish, this is in my Top 5 favourite covers.

Susanna And The Magical Orchestra - Jolene

25 August 2009

Pic: Tracciamenti

The Chain - Letting Go (buy)

Super stuff from The Chain, a UK based tech-house duo whose 12" on Belgian label R&S is hitting all the right spots.

Computer Jay - Distance (buy)

LA producer Computer Jay offering up some killer wonky hip-hop style electronica with 8-bit and dubstep influence. Out on Ramp Recordings.

17 August 2009

pic: Art BBQ

Chopstick & Till Von Sein - Come On (Hey Girl)! (buy)

Perennial collaborator Chopstick this time teaming up with Till Von Sein for the delightfully deep and oh so catchy minimal track Come On (Hey Girl).

Marc DePulse - Chasing Jane (buy)

Super minimal stuff evocative of Huntemann, produced by Marc DePulse, his Peter & Jane EP also features a remix from the label Minus' Brazilian duo Click Box, who on their own productions have really been impressing... kind of like a less harsh Marc Houle.

Click Box - Lost Road

I won't lie, I got this act confused with the abhorrent chart topper at first. But Cascandy's follow up 12" is a super slice minimal tech/house. The chopped and looped vocals work so well.

Cascandy - Two (Flip) (buy)

Right, i'm off to Pukkelpop, I shall leave you with a slice of funk in the shape of Watch Tv & The Lovemonk All Stars, can't decide if I love or hate the name but the sound is great. Toodles.

Watch Tv & The Lovemonk All Stars - Wild Safari (Darshan Jesrani Monkey Mix)

13 August 2009

pic: Kemp Folds

Minimal / Tech-house - no nonsense. Just a few heavier tracks that i've really enjoyed playing recently.

Stephen Hellm - Workflow (buy)

Monopolar - Jalapacalima (buy)

Par Grindvik - Continue In My Words (buy)

Slang Bang - Amaaazing (buy)

Now I know the above is not to everyones taste, so this might interest you. An absorbing 11 minute piece of deep techno from Kassem Mosse.

Kassem Mosse - A (buy)

And to help you slink down into a horizontal position is this from Brock Van Wey aka Bvdub. His epic release, White Clouds Drift On And On is full of some quite beautiful music. Highly recommended if you like Jesse Somfay's A Catch In The Voice (album of the year for me by far).

Brock van Wey - I Knew Happiness Once (buy)

11 August 2009

pic: Anthony Zinonos

The Tyrell Corporation - The Hunt For Gollem (buy)

One of my favourite and most fun tracks of the month. A fist pumping rock anthem from Dutch italo-disco master, Alden Tyrell.

Zepp 001 - Don't Sleep (buy)

A release that was always sure to benefit with The Revenge being on side for a remix, Zepp 001's Don't Sleep, out on Delusions Of Grandeur. Brooding, bass heavy minimal disco with some really amazing strings.

Jonny Rock & Luke Solomon - Megamixx (Megamixx (Mr G's Movin' Remix) (buy)

Having been addicted to their 'It's In The Rhythm' track from the other month, I was sure to check out Jonny Rock & Luke Solomon's other stuff. Really impressive.

DJ Enne - The Impatient Man (buy)

The Impatient Man is such a lovely tune, slow mo cosmic stuff with whimsical vocodered vocals.

I will post some heavier sounds soon.


2 August 2009

Pic: Luke Ramsey

Muskat Nuss- Misteek Drive

Dating back to 2006 this a killer slice of electronic music by Muskat Nuss. After hearing this track it will come as no surprise to learn that this is a staple in the sets of James Holden.

Extrawelt - Im Garten Von Eben (Max Cooper Tensor Mix)

A sensational remix of Extrawelt by Max Cooper that you might have heard in a mix I posted up ages ago. Again for fans of the Border Community sound.

Jive Rhythm Trax - 112 BPM

'Take me to the next phase baby.' Killer minimal synth groove from 1982.

Greenskeepers - Man In The House (Pepe Bradock's Underwater Playground Mix) (buy)

He's kept a low profile for years, now Pepe Bradock is creating waves outside of house music circles, recently receiving a glowing review from Pitchfork. Confiote De Bits is a collection of Bradock's remixes, each one unique, each one superb.

Beatfanatic - Berlin Nights (buy)

Originally released as a 12" in 2006, this wonderfully deep space disco gem from Sweden's Beatfanatic is now featured on the Eternal Darkness EP. Definitely one for fans of Tensnake or Aeroplane.

To finish, some super disco nuggets.

Haruomi Hosono - Cosmic Surfin' (buy)

Peter Jacques Band - Fly With The Wind (buy)

Betty Botox - Xantac

29 July 2009

Pic: Ollanski

John Roberts - Pruned (buy)

Cannot get enough of this from John Roberts, taken from the superb release Mirror, a single that has seen his work put on a par with that of DJ Koze, Lawrence and Efdemin. Yep, it's that good.

Nicolas Stefan - Closer (buy)

Nicolas Stefan - Time Is Over (buy)

Favourite producer of the moment, Nicolas Stefan. His split with Matzak for Speicher 65 left completely blew me away with its undulating rhythm... definitely one of my faves of the year. Then taken from a release on K2 last year is the track Time Is Over, one that will certainly appeal to fans of Gui Boratto.

Rodriguez Jr - Pandora (buy)

Taken from Kids Of Hula out on Leena this Rodriguez Jr really track caught me. Melodic summery techno with spacey synths giving it a unique sound.

I said I wouldn't go again, but the lure cherry beer and a ridiculous line up was enough to see us book for Pukkelpop again. Kind of intrigued to see how Luciano and co pull off the Aether thing, from what i've seen it looks a bit like the Fifteen To One set but with fancy visual effects and enough tribal samples to make your average Peruvian street pan-piper feel really quite envious. Excited nonetheless!

24 July 2009

Pic: Brantley Jones

Bronnt Industries Kapital - European Male (buy)

Arguably it's Get Physical's most path deviating release to date, but it's certainly a good deviation from the usual sounds of the German electronic superlabel. Bronnt Industries Kapital is the work of Guy Bartell, and on this his third album he shys away from the sounds of his work on Static Caravan and instead draws influence from Krautrock and Italian horror movie soundtracks, the result is most pleasing. Hard For Justice is available here.

Lugnet - Bitterljuv (buy)

Lugnet - Sommarstorm (buy)

Lugnet Records is a newish label based out of Malmo, their two releases so far are of very highest quality. Psychedelic edits and obscurities in the vein of Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve... but they're not just about the old and the rare, they've also indicated a desire to put out the work of new producers with the aim of bringing forward a more progressive and psychedelic approach to todays obvious. There's a interview with Lugnet over here at Cosmic Disco.

22 July 2009

San Soda - Doorsnee (buy)

San Soda offers up deep house music that is both rooted in the past and firmly aimed towards the future. Out on We Play House Recordings San Soda gives us three killer tracks from his vaults. On the A-side is ‘Doorsnee’, a track that already had people requesting a release when it was but in its infant days on his Myspace. Describing it is quite the task, because it kinda leaves the 4/4 path and still stays on it, it kinda floats but it still gets you screaming on the dance floor. Sensational.

Christian Loffler - Heights (buy)

Gorgeous 4 track ep from Christian Loffler out on Ki Records. Deep, dreamy techno, some of the best i've heard in a while.

Mikkel Metal - Kenton (buy)

To finish, a super piece of rolling dub techno from Mikkel Metal, out on Echochord, comes with a more punchy mix from Marcel Dettmann.

20 July 2009

pic: Nous Sommes Des Soleils

Session Victim - Contribute (buy)

Session Victim's productions are really thrilling me at the moment. This track is taken from a split with dub techno whizz Quarion. Session Victim's last 12" entitled Out On Love is really worth checking out too, Memory Lane is such a good tune.

Leroy Hanghofer - Comic Menuetto

Leroy Hanghofer is an alias of Gomma's disco duo Munk. This is a DFA style distorted chugger, always good.

Social Disco Club - Professional Widow

Social Disco Club - 4 Love

Two super edits from Portuguese disco darlings Social Disco Club. Having had a couple of super releases on Mindless Boogie, the SDC have recently had a hit on Bear Funk with Maia which got the rework treatment from Greg Wilson and DiskJokke.

16 July 2009

Not so much music listening going on this week, kind of got addicted to the game Braid. A beautiful, brilliant and totally captivating puzzle platformer. see the trailer here. Musically though, this is a brief round-up of what has successfully pleased my ears just now. I heartily endorse listening to the following.

APM 001 - 001 (edit) (buy)

Droney synth accompanied by occasional beat and other noises, interesting to hear on a dancefloor in a sort of make or break Patrice Baumel 'Roar' kind of way.

Kelton Prima - Night Ridin' (buy)

Jammy disco joint full of seedy low end synth.

Wehbba - Cava

Peak time tech house.

Canson - Risiko (buy)

Super interesting. Deep forward thinking house tracks by Canson in the vein of DJ Koze and Pepe Bradock... sort of.

Al Usher - Gnanfou (buy)

This Al Usher track is so good, keen to hear a remix by Bogdan Irkuk of Usher's Lullaby For Robert.

8 July 2009

pic: But Does It Float

Mano Le Tough - Halve A Sun

The epic b-side off Mano Le Tough's storming 12" Warhorn out on Internasjonal.

Holger Zilske - Have A Cup Of This (buy)

Holger Zilske aka Smash TV recently put out the superb full-length 'Holz' on Playhouse. Gone are the days of mediocre, uninvolving long play techno records.

Microtrauma - Input (buy)

Insanely good track from German duo Microtrauma. Pitchbending deep progressive tech.

Snuff Crew - I Like It (buy)

Have been meaning to post some Snuff Crew for a while. Highly recommended if you're a fan of Photonz' style of production.

7 July 2009


pic: Marin Van Uhm

Subway - Lowlife (buy)

The full length from cosmic duo Subway really is essential. So refreshing.

Toby Tobias - Azul Blue (buy)

A slick lounge turned disco chugger from the ever pleasing Toby Tobias, taken from the Apres 2 release by Australian label Future Classic it also features a track by Bonar Bradberry and a full on pop music track by Touch Sensitive, really, sounds like it should be on the radio.

Tim Curry - Coke (buy)

Actor Tim Curry also had a couple of LP's and a string of 12"s back in the 1970s. This track has got some killer drums on it.

Tesco Bombers - Hernando's Hideaway

A track i've not listened to for a number of years, Tesco Bombers had this in 1982. The definitive post punk tango song. I dug out a few oldies at the same time as Tesco Bombers, but was really disappointed to have lost my copy of The Gymslips - Rocking With The Renees, if anyone has an mp3 copy of it i'd be most pleased to hear it again... but y'know, not the end of the world.

Henriette Coulouvrat - Can't You Take A Joke

French new-wave gem, from the Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes compilation.